Eggstravaganza 2018 Box Sale Breakdown

The Pokémon GO Eggstravaganza Returns for More Hatching Excitement!

Eggstravaganza 2018 is an excellent time to get through that backlog of 10km eggs from Rayquaza besting Groudon and Kyogre. Every box features Incubators, but which one is the *best* deal? Let’s compare!

Item Special Great Ultra
Incense 2 5
Egg Incubator 3
Star Piece 5 10 25
Super Incubator 5 8
Raid Passes 5
Lucky Egg 10
Price 480 780 1480
Box Value Analysis
Incense (50 each) 100 250
Egg Incubator (150 each) 450
Star Piece (50 each) 250 500 1250
Super Incubator (200 each) 1000 1600
Raid Passes (100 each) 500
Lucky Egg (50 each) 500
Total Value 800 1750 3850
Total Savings 40% 55% 62%
Incubators ONLY 0% 22% 7.5%

Our Verdict

Special Box

If you are only in it for trying to get as much candy from egg hatches as is humanly possible, this deal comes out a little short. If you consider two incense and five star pieces enough to make up the 30 coin difference, this box is okay for the price.

Great Box

This is where the deal starts to get better for us fellow trainers. The Super Incubators alone make this deal worth it, and with the extra Incense and Star Pieces? This is a great deal for those not really looking into investing in the Ultra Box, but still wanting to clear that backlog of Eggs from the Rayquaza event.

Ultra Box

This is where things are simply beautiful. Like the Great Box, the Super Incubators alone make this box worth it. Unlike the Great Box, where you get five Incense and 10 Star Pieces for no extra costs because of Super Incubators, you get five Raid passes, five Lucky Eggs, and twenty-five Star Pieces for no extra cost (again, because of those Super Incubators). Of course, this targets trainers who like to raid, where the two former boxes can happily satisfy the trainer who likes to walk and catch.


If you’re looking at ALL of the goodies, then the Ultra Box is for you! If you’re looking at just incubators, then (2) Great Boxes will net you 10 Super Incubators, while (1) Ultra Box will net you (8) Super Incubators.

This comes out to only 80 more coins for (2) more Super Incubators (if you purchase two Great Boxes instead of one Ultra Box). The small box is nice for casual trainers, but you will be spending more coins than necessary if you are just looking for the incubators.

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