mega aerodactyl

Mega Aerodactyl has just made its Pokémon GO debut in Mega raids! The first-ever rock type Mega in the game does in fact look very promising as a rock type attacker, so you better be prepared to take it down and farm that sweet mega energy!

Aerodactyl can be caught with the following CP values:

  • 1515 – 1590 CP at Level 20, no weather boost
  • 1894 – 1988 CP at Level 25 with Partly Cloudy or Windy weather boost

It is a Rock & Flying type, which makes it weak to Ice, Electric, Rock, Steel and Water type moves.


Mega Aerodactyl Raid Counters

Mega Aerodactyl’s best raid counters are listed below:

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Water Gun Hydro Cannon 392.99s 14.00
2. Thunder Fang Wild Charge 414.15s 21.50
3. Rock Throw Rock Slide 424.14s 19.94
4. Waterfall Hydro Pump 448.53s 13.94
5. Charge Beam Zap Cannon 482.56s 19.50
6. Powder Snow Weather Ball 512.54s 25.50
7. Shadow Claw Shadow Ball 529.80s 26.50
8. Bullet Punch Meteor Mash 565.75s 17.61
9. Iron Tail Heavy Slam 594.78s 13.28
10. Smack Down Rock Slide 546.47s 31.33
11. Charge Beam Wild Charge 581.15s 22.50
12. Waterfall Hydro Pump 606.95s 19.94
13. Volt Switch Thunderbolt 586.19s 28.27
14. Smack Down Rock Wrecker 620.87s 20.83
15. Metal Claw Hydro Cannon 627.85s 20.44
16. Water Gun Hydro Cannon 633.81s 20.61
17. Metal Claw Iron Head 642.46s 19.78
18. Thunder Shock Wild Charge 612.64s 27.85
19. Spark Wild Charge 651.00s 18.60
20. Bubble Crabhammer 610.50s 30.38
21. Thunder Shock Thunderbolt 631.11s 25.76
22. Smack Down Rock Slide 638.58s 23.71
23. Charge Beam Doom Desire 656.86s 19.33
24. Ice Fang Avalanche 598.41s 30.75
25. Snarl Thunder 627.17s 10.00
26. Volt Switch Wild Charge 638.61s 25.00
27. Metal Claw Iron Head 665.80s 18.93
28. Metal Claw Magnet Bomb 666.06s 20.00
29. Metal Claw Magnet Bomb 665.14s 20.00
30. Waterfall Hydro Cannon 638.17s 29.00
31. Metal Claw Magnet Bomb 669.02s 21.55
32. Water Gun Hydro Cannon 646.74s 27.11
33. Water Gun Water Pulse 674.79s 20.31
34. Powder Snow Avalanche 643.82s 31.47
35. Ice Shard Avalanche 662.90s 42.00

* marks a legacy move

Whenever the shadow variant of a Pokémon listed below is available in the game, it is strongly recommended to use it over its regular/purified counterpart. However, since Shadow Pokémon are extremely expensive to power up and require specific events to TM away Frustration, they will NOT be listed as raid counters in this article.

Aerodactyl has so many weaknesses that the list could go on forever. If you don’t have any of the Pokémon listed above powered up, you can always use:

  • Generalist” Pokémon such as Psycho Cut + Psystrike* Mewtwo
  • Other heavy-hitting megas
  • Eevolutions such as Glaceon or Jolteon (with full ice and electric type movesets, respectively)
  • The Hydro Cannon water starters: Empoleon, Swampert, Samurott or Feraligatr
  • The Crabhammer bros: Kingler and Clawitzer
  • Genesect/Excadrill/Dialga with steel type moves
  • Luxray with Spark and Wild Charge (NOT Psychic Fangs*!)

Keep in mind that Mega Abomasnow is currently boosted and it will temporarily reach level 52 when mega evolved, regardless of what level it is. If you want a cheap top-tier counter, you could take advantage of this fact while the bonus lasts. Just be careful with Mega Aerodactyl’s moveset, as Iron Head, Rock Slide and Ancient Power will hurt.

Stats and Max CP

Max CP at Level 40 4118 | Max CP at Level 50 4655
ATK 292 DEF 210 STA 190
Weak to Strong Against
Rock Steel Ice Electric Water Fire Flying Ice Bug


Fast Moves Charge Moves
  • Rock Throw Rock
  • Steel Wing Steel
  • Bite Dark
  • Rock Slide Rock
  • Earth Power Ground
  • Hyper Beam Normal
  • Ancient Power Rock
  • Iron Head Steel

Mega Aerodactyl is way more than just a MegaDex entry. In fact, it is now the best rock type attacker in the game. At least until Mega Tyranitar and Mega Diancie get released.

There is a plethora of T5 raid bosses that are weak to rock type moves, so Mega Aerodactyl will be quite useful in the current raid scene.


If you’re interested in the full meta analysis, feel free to check this article I wrote.

We hope you found this raid guide useful, happy hunting!