Palpitoad Raid Guide

Palpitoad counters
Palpitoad WaterGround

The best counters for Palpitoad are Grass types like Alolan Exeggutor, Venusaur, Tangrowth and Torterra. Being a 3* raid boss along with sub-par stats and a 4x weakness to the Grass types makes it one of the easiest 3* solos, regardless of the weather.

This guide will show you the best Grass types to plant Palpitoad’s destruction.


Palpitoad is obtainable with the following CP values:

  • 742- 795 CP at Level 20, no weather boost
  • 928- 994 CP at Level 25 with Rainy or Sunny weather boost

Palpitoad Counters

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Exeggutor (Alola) Bullet Seed Solar Beam 64.2s 0
2. Venusaur Vine Whip Frenzy Plant 64.9s 2
3. Tangrowth Vine Whip Power Whip 65.5s 0
4. Torterra Razor Leaf Frenzy Plant 68.4 1
5. Roserade Razor Leaf Grass Knot 61.4 2


Palpitoad has the following stats in Pokémon Go:

Palpitoad WaterGround
ATK 128 DEF 109 HP 181
Weak to Strong Against
Grass Fire Electric Rock Poison Steel
Boosted by  Rainy or Sunny

Palpitoad Moveset Analysis

Stoutland can learn the following moves in Pokémon Go:

Fast Moves Charge Moves
  • Mud Shot Ground
  • BubbleWater

  • Earth Power Ground
  • Water Pulse Water
  • Sludge Wave Poison


Mud Shot charges quickly and can get to its charge moves super fast. 

Bubble literally feels like blowing bubbles. Grass types go lolzzzz.  

Earth Power can do some damage to the Grass and Poison type combos while the other Grass type stalwarts resist it. A good move nonetheless.

Water Pulse sounds cool and that’s about it when it faces off against any Grass type.

Sludge Wave can knock out pure Grass types while doing considerable damage to any of the other dual combinations with Grass. Dodging Sludge Wave is advised.

Palpitoad is a mid-stage evolution Pokémon and as such, underwhelming stats are expected. With a fantastic typing and movepool alike, its evolution can certainly find uses in the PvP meta.

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