Generation 1, 2 and 3 Pokemon that evolve in Generation 4: a guide on important cross generational evolutions

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This guide describes which Generation I, II and III Candy and perfect IV Pokemon you need to save in order to be 100% prepared for when Generation IV becomes available. Make sure to also read through our analysis after the table.

P.S. this guide is also available as a portable, mobile friendly info graphic (link). If you like it, feel free to share this with your local community. If you’re into researching Pokemon GO and discussing future meta changes, hop on over to our Discord server (8k members, 3 weeks old at the moment of this writing).

Download this guide as a mobile friendly info graphic (image opens in new tab, around 300kb of data):

Gen 1, 2 and 3 Pokemon that evolve in Generation 4 (high quality mobile info graphic)
Gen 1, 2 and 3 Pokemon that evolve in Generation 4 (high quality mobile info graphic)

List of Gen I, II and III Pokemon that evolve in Generation IV

Evolution reqs
Gen 4 evolution
Pokemon Max CP Typing
 Magneton 100 Magnezone 2996 Steel Electric
Lickitung 50 Lickilicky 2359 Normal
Rhydon 100 Rhyperior 3869 Ground Rock
Tangela 50 Tangrowth 3110 Grass
Electabuzz 50 Electivire 2904 Electric
Magmar 50 Magmortar 2980 Fire
Eevee 25
Leafeon 2849 Grass
Eevee 25
Glaceon 2866 Ice
Porygon2 100 Porygon-Z 3072 Normal
Togetic 100 Togekiss 3171 Flying Fairy
Aipom 50 Ambipom 2218 Normal
Yanma 50 Yanmega 2873 Bug Flying
Murkrow 50 Honchkrow 2566 Dark Flying
Misdreavus 50 Mismagius 2465 Ghost
Gligar 50 Gliscor 2602 Ground Flying
Sneasel 50 Weavile 2815 Dark Ice
Piloswine 100 Mamoswine 3289 Ice Ground
Kirlia 100
male ♂
Gallade 2964 Psychic Fighting
Nosepass 50 Probopass 1863 Rock Steel
Dusclops 100 Dusknoir 2046 Ghost
Snorunt 50
female ♀
Froslass 1857 Ice Ghost
Roselia 50 Roserade 2783 Grass Poison

Analysis and expectations from Gen IV evolutions

Gen IV will bring a lot meta changes to Pokemon GO, especially for Ice and Grass types. Let’s dive into the chart above.

Rhyperior – where will you land, oh mighty one?

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Rhyperior looks like a massive hulking giant that should be capable of destroying every other Ground and Rock type out there, right?

Well, that’s not really the case at least not for Ground types, as a level 28.5 Groudon has better stats than a fully maxed out Level 40 Rhyperior! That’s a lot of saved Stardust for the same level of performance.

However, when compared with other Rock types, Rhyperior will perform better than Golem and Rhydon, but we’re not sure how it will fare against Tyranitar, especially at the time when most players have a number of high level Tyranitars and there better options for spending Stardust.

Grass types – the curse has lifted!

Be on the lookout for: Tangrowth, an incredible bulky Grass Hariyama

Tangrowth, with it’s massive 3110 CP and expected access to Solar Beam, is expected to become the one of (if not the) best Grass types in Pokemon GO.  Although it has lower Attack than Exeggutor, the added bulk (hefty 200 stamina!) makes Tangrowth the “Hariyama of grass types” – bulky, powerful and useful.

Leafeon is in a weird spot. It has a solid attack stat, very high defense and very low stamina (130), making it the more easier to OHKO than Exeggutor and less potent in terms of total damage output. Leafon is more or less comparable to Sceptile.

Roserade is also quite similar to Sceptile – high Attack, low stamina and solid defense will make Roserade a great glass cannon, especially if it gets Leaf Blade instead of Solar Beam.

Ice types return in style: a prehistoric winter is coming

Be on the lookout for: Mamoswine, an elite Ice attacker that performs better than Regice and Articuno


Mamoswine is an incredible addition to any Ice roster, with massive 247 Attack, 220 Stamina and 157 Defense and a resulting Combat Power of 3289. This is the definition of what a top tier entry looks like for any type. Mamoswine is the Tyranitar / Dragonite / Machamp of Ice types, overshadowing even Legendaries like Regice and Articuno.

Glaceon and Weavile are your new Ice type glass cannons, with high Attack, low Stamina and solid Defense. We consider both of them to be better versions of Jynx and far superior to Lapras and Walrein in terms of DPS. We find Weavile also interesting as a potentially good Dark type, but more about that later.

Electric types – it’s time to retire that Jolteon

Be on the lookout for: both Electivire and Magnezone 

Electivire and Magnezone share a number of the same characteristics:

  • Both have higher attack and Stamina than Jolteon
  • Both perform worse than Raikou and Zapdos

Hence, these two Pokemon are essentially filling the gap between Gen I & II Electric typed Legendaries and Jolteon.

Dark types – threatening Houndoom

Be on the lookout for: Weavile, a high CP, high ATK Dark glass cannon to accompany your Tyranitar army

Both Weavile and Honchkrow are expected to perform better than Houndoom, due to higher Attack and in Hochkrow’s case more Stamina. Weavile will probably end up as a glass cannon and Honchkrow as a similar-to-Houndoom addition. We’re quite interested to see how these two will perform as Mewtwo counters.

Others are also great

  • Togekiss will be the best Fairy type, outperforming even Gardevoir. Let’s hope that by the time Gen IV is released we will finally have a Fairy typed quick move
  • Mismagius is viable as a budget Gengar, less Attack but more Defense
  • Yanmega is a beast in the Bug department and we expect it to be a great Grass counter with access to Bug and Flying move
  • Magmortar is a on par with Flareon, with slightly more Stamina but still worse than Entei and Moltres
  • Gallade is expected to make some waves both in Fighting and Psychic departments, but it will be tightly coupled to it’s moves on launch
  • Porygon-Z is expected to be a versatile Normal type with wide variety of movesets, similar to Porygon2

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