A visual Pokemon GO Egg Chart for hatching eggs and understanding which Pokemon to expect from them. A bit of explanation if you’re confused with the + notation:

  • 10 km Poke Egg can hatch any of the Pokemon in the chart
  • 5 km Poke Egg can hatch the Pokemon in 5 km and 2 km areas of the chart
  • 2 km Poke Egg can hatch only the Pokemon in the 2 km area of the chart

Obviously, hatching 10 km eggs is the most exciting part of hatching, but do note that you can still get “Tier 1” Pokemon from it. We always recommend that you group multiple eggs for incubation – this makes it easier to hatch eggs, organize incubators and plan Lucky Eggs.

Note: some Pokemon that are not obtainable in your region can still hatch from the egg. Looking for that Farfetch’d? He could very well be in your next Poke Egg! Also, eggs yield A LOT of candy when they hatch, so keep that in mind also.

Here’s the chart, all credits go to reddit user Taiyo4D and his original post

Pokemon GO Egg Chart

Pokemon Go Egg Distance Hatch Chart
Pokemon Go Egg Distance Hatch Chart