Pokémon GO Quests: a comprehensive data mining summary

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Our 0.91.1 APK mine has revealed that a new in-game quest system is coming to Pokémon GO. In order to help our readers understand what’s coming, we’ve prepared a summary of our findings. Feel free to bookmark this article, we’ll update it as new info is discovered in future updates. You can read the raw data mine here.

Quest types

There are two types of quests:

  • Story quests
  • Challenge quests

Quests can be one-off and multipart (denotes a series of quests). Quests can be “hidden” behind one of these requirements:

  • Level
  • Medal
  • A previously completed quest (multipart quests)

Quest objectives

In addition to the first catch and first Pokéstop of the day quest objectives, 8 new quest objectives are available in the code base:

  • Catch a Pokémon
  • Spin a Pokéstop
  • Hatch an egg
  • Walk buddy
  • Feed Pokémon
  • Win a gym battle
  • Level up a badge
  • Complete a raid battle

Quest characters

Quests can be associated with a particular in-game character. Quest characters are largely unfinished at this moment. Professor Willow is the only in-game character that has been mentioned as a quest character so far.

Quest characters can have character expressions:

  • Unset
  • Happy

Quest attributes

The in-game quest object has the following attributes in the code:

  • Rewards and goal
  • Seed and context (see quest templates below)
  • Multipart
  • Status (active or completed)
  • Creation and completion time

Quest templates

Quest templates are a particularly mysterious part of the Quest system. Combined with seed and context attributes of a quest, it is likely that quests will be generated for you based on a template.

The template includes following attributes that can be modified / used for generating a quest:

  • Experience
  • Items
  • Pokémon encounter
  • Stardust
  • Candy
  • Quest
  • Avatar clothing


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