Pokemon GO 0.91.1 APK Mine: QUESTS ARE COMING!

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GO Hub’s APK mine of the new 0.91.1 Pokemon GO update is complete… and boy is it a big one! The 0.91.1 is one of the most exciting updates (data-mining wise) in the history of Pokemon GO, as it brings the first hints of an upcoming feature: QUESTS!

Official change log

  • Improved the in-game News feature.
  • The Pokémon Collection search function now lets Trainers search using “Shiny.”
  • Various bug fixes and performance updates.

And now for the unofficial change log… 😉

Code changes

Quest support is here, although it is not yet activated. This is what we know about quests:

  • There are various types of quests.
  • Quests can be multi part, challenge or story quests
  • Quests feature Professor Willow, “face expressions” are also mentioned but nothing super important to report
  • Quests follow a “template structure”, which means that the majority of quests will feature similar goals: get X of Experience / Item / Dust, etc… the whole code dump is below
  • Quests have requirements: level, medal or a previous quest

Quest enumerations

The “first _ of the day” quests were already in the APK since daily bonuses were introduced. The quest system now supports several new types, including the multi part quest system.


Quest types and statuses

We don’t want to speculate about the possible implications of this, but there are Story and Challenge quests.


Quest “templates”

Quest rewards or types are based around templates that seem to be a blueprint for quest generation (not verified yet):


Quest preconditions

Quests can also be gated with the following preconditions:


The whole system is looking to be very interesting, but the code is still at a very young stage and things can still change.

There are no new visual assets to accompany the new system, but there are a few hints in the Unity asset bundles:

Asset changes

Nothing notable. Texture fixes, etc. Quest star added, but it’s basically a white star.

Other changes

  • Bug fixes and performance optimizations
  • Deoxys and Castform should have a forms button in the Pokedex (not yet active)
  • News section was updated
  • Device support can be checked, as hinted previously in the Network bundles
  • A decent amount of infrastructure changes

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