Pokemon GO Stardust event guide: Summer Tour 2018 event edition

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Trainers, Pokemon GO Summer Tour 2018 has come to a close with the Yokosuka Safari zone, unlocking the worldwide Pokemon GO Stardust event. This guide serves as a handbook and a quick reference to event bonuses, Stardust gains per evolution and per Star piece and important tips and tricks to maximizing the amount of Stardust you can farm during the event.

Summer 2018 Stardust event quick facts

Stardust event fact sheet
Starts September 3, 1:00 PM PDT
Ends September 10, 1:00 PM PDT
  • 3x Catch Stardust
  • 2x Hatch Stardust
  • 1-hour Star Piece duration
  • 3K Stardust guranteed per Raid Battle

Chart of Stardust drops during the Summer Stardust event

The following chart displays which which action yields how much Stardust during the current event. Please be aware that the “Normal” column displays current normal values and is different outside of the event. The chart is available as an info graphic and as a text table. Bold numbers represent Star Piece boosted values.

Stardust drops table

Catching Pokemon

Action Normal + SP Weather +SP
Catch a Pokemon 300 450 375 562
Catch a 2nd evolution Pokemon stage 900 1350 1125 1687
Catch a 3rd evolution Pokemon stage 1500 2250 1950 2812

Egg Hatches

Egg type Normal + Star Piece
2km 800 – 1600 1200 – 2400
5km 1600 – 3200 2400 – 4800
7km 1600 – 3200 2400 – 4800
10km 3200 – 6400 4800 – 9600


Action Normal + Star Piece
Completing a raid 3000 4500

Stardust infographic

Pokemon GO Stardust event chart

Stardust farming tips and tricks

General tips and tricks

  • Plan your play sessions around Star Piece activation windows. Star Piece lasts for one hour, and we know that a common play session for most of our readers lasts anywhere from 1-2 hours. We strongly suggest you always activate a Star Piece while playing during this event.
  • Be sure to complete at least one raid each day of the event, as it gives you free guaranteed Stardust.
  • Super Incubators are a safe bet if you’re the walking type, but Raid Passes will give you more Dust per Coin per time played (it’s just easier to finish a Level 1-2-3 raid than to walk for 5 or 7 kilometers)
    • The exception to the above mentioned tip are 10 km eggs. You should try to hatch as many 10 km eggs as possible during the event.

Catching tips

  • Go for every 2nd and 3rd stage evolution you see in the wild, as the amount of Stardust given is frankly staggering.
  • Quantity matters when it comes to catching Pokemon during the event. Consider that a regular Star Piece boosted catch is 450 Stardust, which is just insane!
  • GO Plus is your friend in heavily lured / Pokemon saturated areas, don’t forget to charge it up and use, especially while raiding

Hatching tips

  • Always have at least one Egg in the process of hatching, there is no excuse for the infinite incubator to stay empty
  • Due to how low the 7km egg Stardust gain is, you should open gifts after filling up your Egg tab. This will prevent the game from giving you 7km eggs and allow you to fill up with easier-to-hatch (2km and 5km) eggs and with insane-amount-of-stardust-on-hatch 10km eggs

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