Top 5 Mega Dragon Types: The Dracarys Meta

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Mega evolutions are well and truly upon us in Pokémon Go.

While the response to the way megas have been introduced has garnered a lot of heat, there is no denying that mega evolutions are one of the most powerful Pokémon in the meta.

The best part? They are more or less future-proof in terms of their viability and power.

Take Mega Charizard Y, for instance. That 319 ATK stat is literally fire!!!

The mere mention of Mega Charizard Y unanimously draws our attention to its draconic counterpart: Mega Charizard X. Perhaps the most popular mega evolution, Mega Charizard X is honestly cool only because of its looks, design and, well, it’s a Charizard evolution!

Mega Charizard X not only lacks the raw power of its Y brethren, it also pales in comparison to some of the future mega evolved dragons…


Mega Dragon types are wild. They are some of the most powerful Pokémon in the competitive scene and naturally, they occupy a meta defining, no, meta shaking role in Pokémon Go!

Straight off the bat, mega Dragon types are among the most OP in the game and the aim of this write-up is to highlight the top 5 Dragon type mega evolutions in Pokémon Go!

These 5 draconic stalwarts are absolutely phenomenal and are apt for someone of the stature of Daenarys Targaryen from GoT.

So brace your inner mother (or father) of dragons as we soar into the skies to find out the 5 stars of the mighty Dragon types!

Top 5 Mega Evolved Dragons in Pokémon GO

#1 Mega Rayquaza

Max CP 5055
ATK 389 DEF 216 HP 233
Weak to Strong Against
Dragon Fairy Ice Rock Dragon Fighting Grass Bug


Will you look at that?

Honestly, did you think of anything else taking the #1 spot?

Mega Rayquaza is not just the most powerful Dragon type mega evolution, it is also the most powerful dragon in the entire game. Period.

This monster’s DPS is sky high (see what I did there?) and other dragons don’t even come close to the sheer amount of damage this dragon can spill out.

Its stats honestly puts many legendaries to shame.

Blessed with the bread and butter powerset of Dragon Tail & Outrage, even a 9% nerf to its current stats won’t take the shine off it.

Speaking of which, that shiny Mega Rayquaza though!

It is of no wonder that Mega Rayquaza was even banned from the almighty Ubers tier of Smogon.

Look above. Fear it.

#2 Mega Garchomp

Max CP 5424
ATK 339 DEF 222 HP 239
Weak to Strong Against
Dragon Fairy Ice Dragon Fire Electric Rock Poison Steel


The most feared pseudo legendary has a new face.

And it’s stronger and meaner than anything else.

Mega Garchomp has a staggering 339 ATK and is bulkier than Mega Rayquaza. So with the better max CP and TDO, Mega Garchomp is objectively the best Dragon type in the game! Mega Rayquaza just leads the DPS department.

While base Garchomp meets stiff competition from the likes of other dragons such as Salamence, Rayquaza, Reshiram and Zekrom, Mega Garchomp spearheads its way to a different zone and is arguably the best dragon in the entire meta.

Get this: Mega Garchomp is the undisputed strongest non-legendary Pokémon in the game and it also beats out several legendaries in the process with both its Dragon Tail & Outrage and Mud Shot and Earthquake sets (Sand Tomb says hi to both sets).

It still has a potential Community Day on the horizon, through which it can get even more formidable. For speculation on Grachomp’s possible Community Day exclusive moves, check out my Garchomp meta analysis!

A super-bulky, monster-DPS churning and scythe-ripping land shark that dominates both the Dragon and Ground type meta?

Go, Garchomp!

#3 Mega Salamence

Max CP 5031
ATK 310 DEF 251 HP 216
Weak to Strong Against
Dragon Fairy Ice Rock Dragon Fighting Grass Bug


Another pseudo legendary and the #3 dragon on this list, Mega Salamence is amazing.

Salamence hit a gold rush with its Community Day move in Outrage and has continually dominated the raid scene in the game.

Its usage in PvP was hitherto limited due to its less than impressive DEF but Mega Salamence more than makes up for it with the massive boost it receives to its DEF stat on mega evolving.

While its vintage Dragon Tail and Outrage set is overshadowed by the same sets of Mega Rayquaza and Mega Grachomp, that 310 ATK stat backed with good bulk makes it a beast in its own right!

Mega Salamence has always carved a niche for itself as a premier Dragon with monstrous power and it will continue to do so.

This thing is known as the ‘blood-soaked crescent’ in the Pokémon lore.

Well, it is easy to see why.

#4 Mega Latias

Max CP 4801
ATK 289 DEF 297 HP 190
Weak to Strong Against
Dragon Fairy Ice Ghost Bug Dark Dragon Fighting Poison


Surprise surprise!

Didn’t expect to see Mega Latias, did you?

Let me explain…

While Mega Latias’ ATK stat is undoubtedly lower than its partner, Mega Latios, there are two noteworthy points that make Mega Latias the superior mega evolved Eon Pokémon:

  1. Mega Latias is way bulkier than Mega Latios
  2. More importantly, Mega Latias learns the indispensable Outrage when compared to Mega Latios’ Dragon Claw. Thus, more power.

You go, girl! More power to you!

#5 Mega Latios

Max CP 5007
ATK 335 DEF 241 HP 239
Weak to Strong Against
Dragon Fairy Ice Ghost Bug Dark Dragon Fighting Poison


Lo and behold, we have the other member of the Eon Duo as the final entrant to our list.

Another Hoenn Dragon type, by the way (oh Gen 3, you went all out with your dragons, didn’t you?)

Mega Latios has a stellar ATK stat of 335 (higher than both Mega Salamence and Mega Latias) and yet, it trails behind.

The reason is quite simple: it lacks the sheer power that Outrage provides.

Pokémon Go is all about movesets and regardless of how hard a Pokémon can hit, the absence of a powerful move to give justice to the ATK stat can really make the said Pokémon pretty underwhelming.

This by no means makes Mega Latios ‘bad’.

The combination of Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw makes it a tremendous threat in PvP.

The brotherhood is strong!

Some points worth highlighting:

  • The ATK stats of Mega Rayquaza (389) and Mega Garchomp (339) edge out uber strong future legendaries like Black and White Kyurem (310), Ultra Necrozma (337) and Eternatus (278)
  • Mega Rayquaza can get even better as a Flying type with Dragon Ascent
  • Garchomp can get even better with an exclusive Community Day move
  • Mega Salamence gains impressive bulk and makes up for base Salamance’s PvP Achilles’ Heel, thereby making it more viable for PvP
  • Mega Latios might lose out to Mega Latias as a Dragon type, but it is convincingly better as a Psychic type as they have the same Psychic type moveset


So there you have it.

5 super strong Dragon types that deserve a 5 star Ubers rating (again, see what I did there?)

Niantic has claimed that they are looking into better ways to make mega evolutions work in Pokémon Go.

While increase in mega energy from raids and earning mega energy through the buddy system is already in the pipeline, it remains to be seen how and when Niantic implements a full-fledged and practical mega energy system.

The release of further mega evolutions is undoubtedly an exciting affair and the Dragon types occupy a pivotal role in causing a paradigm shift to the meta.

Among these relentless mega dragons, none are more powerful and/or coveted than these 5 stalwarts.

You can vouch for the fact that these 5 dragons are going to be more than worth it.

So max them out, get high IVs, lucky trade them and treasure those gorgeous shinies…

Do you hear them roar?

 Because “The Dracarys Meta” will absolutely shred the traditional meta as we know it.

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