Ultra Wormholes Guide: what Pokemon and how to navigate

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A full guide to navigating and finding Pokemon in Ultra Wormholes. Be aware that this page is work in progress.

Pokemon in Ultra Wormholes

All legendary Pokemon are encounterable in Ultra Wormholes, depending on your version of the game. In addition, the following Pokemon can be found there:

  • Gen 3: Lotad
  • Gen 4: Skorupi, Snover, Hippopotas
  • Gen 5: Sigilyph, Ducklett, Audino, Dwebble, Stunfisk
  • Gen 6: Helioptile,Binacle,
  • Additional beasts: Yanma, Taillow, Buizel, Meditite, Spoink, Wooper, Slugma

Ultra Wormhole FAQ

Credits to /u/Kukomi

  • You can turn off motion controls. Head to the Gamefreak office in Hea Hea city and talk to the Aether Paradise Scientist.
  • On the subject of circle pad controls: letting go of the circle pad will snap you back to the center. When you are in the center, you will not enter any wormholes (you can still run into those electric balls).
  • You can change whether you ride Solgaleo or Lunala. Head to Ultra Megaopolis and talk to Zossie (UM) / Soliera (US).
  • The color of the wormhole correspond to different areas. Red corresponds to a sky area where you get flying Pokemon. Blue for a water area with water Pokemon. Green takes you to a generic-ish area with general Pokemon. Yellow takes you to an underground area with Pokemon you can expect to find underground. White takes you to a UB’s domain.
  • Wormholes come in 4 variants: no rings, 1 ring, 2 rings, 2 rings with a flower pattern.
  • Legendaries can potentially appear from any hole regardless of whether it has rings or not (aside from white holes). Holes with 2 rings and a flower pattern guarantee a legendary unless you have gotten all the legendaries from that particular color/area.
  • UBs are unlimited. You get 1 per visit. Still have to catch them.
  • You can buy Beast Balls at Aether Paradise, head to the entrance and talk to one of the employees behind the counter.
  • For non-legendaries/non-UBs, the shiny rate is either set to 100% or 0% once you enter the wormhole. Save before encountering the Pokemon. If you reset, they will still be shiny. Natures, however, are only set once you encounter it so you can soft reset for an ideal nature

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