Virizion Raid Guide

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Virizion is a Tier 5 Raid Boss in Pokemon GO with a Raid Boss CP of 39601 CP. It is a Grass and Fighting type Pokemon, which makes it incredibly vulnerable to Flying type moves. On top of this, it is also weak to powerful Psychic, Fire, Fairy, Ice, and Poison type attackers.

Below are the CP values to look for as it pertains to a 100% Virizion and the Pokemon that should be used to counter Virizion in most normal scenarios.

  • Level 20 CP range: 1649 CP – 1727 CP
  • Level 25 CP range: 2061 CP – 2159 CP (Sunny weather)

Shiny Virizion is available in Pokémon GO. Due to its heavy Flying type weakness, it is very easy for 2 Trainers to defeat Virizion with top Flying type counters.

The average trainers should form groups of 5-6 players in order to ensure victory against this Raid Boss. Note that without powerful Flying types, Virizion’s solid Defense stat will make a duo very difficult.


Best Virizion Counters in Pokémon GO

List of counters for the Virizion Raid Boss in Pokémon GO, including best Pokémon to defeat it, highest DPS attackers, and moves to use. Learn which Pokémon are the best choice to beat this raid boss.

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Moltres Wing Attack Flying Sky Attack Flying 442.66s 13.00
2. Rayquaza Air Slash Flying Hurricane Flying 481.56s 13.11
3. Honchkrow Peck Flying Brave Bird Flying 459.54s 19.89
4. Articuno (Galarian) Psycho Cut Psychic Brave Bird Flying 495.19s 11.78
5. Yveltal Gust Flying Hurricane Flying 505.68s 13.22
6. Staraptor Gust Flying Brave Bird Flying 478.76s 19.22
7. Braviary Air Slash Flying Brave Bird Flying 507.37s 17.56
8. Tornadus Air Slash Flying Hurricane Flying 515.57s 16.33
9. Tornadus (Incarnate) Air Slash Flying Hurricane Flying 517.42s 16.56
10. Unfezant Air Slash Flying Sky Attack Flying 512.86s 19.89
11. Kartana Air Slash Flying Aerial Ace Flying 536.10s 16.63
12. Braviary (Hisuian) Air Slash Flying Brave Bird Flying 541.80s 15.00
13. Tornadus (Therian) Gust Flying Hurricane Flying 540.87s 16.22
14. Moltres (Galarian) Wing Attack Flying Brave Bird Flying 560.30s 13.89
15. Mewtwo Psycho Cut Psychic Psystrike Psychic 574.08s 14.78
16. Zapdos Thunder Shock Electric Drill Peck Flying 566.29s 16.33
17. Lugia Extrasensory Psychic Aeroblast Flying 612.91s 8.33
18. Toucannon Peck Flying Drill Peck Flying 559.63s 21.78
19. Ho-Oh Extrasensory Psychic Brave Bird Flying 594.53s 13.44
20. Yanmega Wing Attack Flying Aerial Ace Flying 601.35s 13.86
21. Noivern Air Slash Flying Hurricane Flying 644.73s 10.00
22. Togekiss Air Slash Flying Aerial Ace Flying 611.53s 13.78
23. Reshiram Fire Fang Fire Overheat Fire 655.16s 9.00
24. Swellow Wing Attack Flying Sky Attack Flying 602.55s 23.00
25. Hoopa (Unbound) Confusion Psychic Psychic Psychic 601.41s 19.00
26. Scyther Air Slash Flying Aerial Ace Flying 642.14s 12.00
27. Zapdos (Galarian) Counter Fighting Brave Bird Flying 625.31s 15.00
28. Oricorio (Sensu) Air Slash Flying Hurricane Flying 668.89s 8.50
29. Lunala Air Slash Flying Future Sight Psychic 671.99s 8.33
30. Sirfetch'd Fury Cutter Bug Brave Bird Flying 634.51s 18.50
31. Blaziken Fire Spin Fire Brave Bird Flying 616.96s 24.50

Best Mega Pokémon to use versus Virizion

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Pidgeot (Mega) Wing Attack Flying Brave Bird Flying 315.39s 11.44
2. Charizard (Mega Y) Air Slash Flying Blast Burn Fire 370.53s 11.33
3. Alakazam (Mega) Confusion Psychic Psychic Psychic 404.85s 13.56
4. Latios (Mega) Zen Headbutt Psychic Psychic Psychic 455.36s 9.89
5. Gengar (Mega) Lick Ghost Sludge Bomb Poison 484.39s 11.89

Counters analysis

By and large, Flying types will dominate this battle. While Stone Edge is a serious threat to these Pokemon, they will still outperform almost any other Pokemon in this battle due to Virizion’s double weakness to the type. Even less-than-stellar Flying types will outperform many top attackers of other types that Virizion is weak to.

Moltres is by far the best non-mega counter. Outside of Stone Edge, it has nothing to worry about and has an easy time with survival in the absence of Stone Edge. Honchkrow also has a good TTW, however, it’s secondary Dark typing lends itself to more faints across all movesets, especially Close Combat. Rayquaza is also highly effective with its Flying type moveset, but there is an opportunity cost due to it preferring a Dragon type moveset in most other situations.

Unfezant and Staraptor not only has good DPS, but also is a pretty common spawn. Due to this, it’s pretty easy to catch one at a high level and instantly have a battle-ready counter. Similar to Honchkrow, Unfezant’s secondary typing makes it more vulnerable to Close Combat than some other Flying types.

With a monstrous Attack stat of 300, it should come as no surprise that Mewtwo is the best non-Flying type attacker to take on Virizion. For those without Psystrike Mewtwo, Psychic is still better than non-Flying types, but the slightly longer duration could affect Mewtwo toward the end of its lifespan.

While more known for Fairy type offense, Togekiss capitalizes on Virizion’s double weakness to Flying while also double resisting Virizion’s strongest charge move, Close Combat.

Lugia makes an appearance as an incredibly potent tank. While its TTW will lag behind most other Flying types due to a lack of a Flying type fast move, Lugia is amazingly resistant as it always has been.

Shiny comparison

Normal Virizon Shiny Virizon

Virizion Movesets

Fast moves  Charge moves
  • Quick Attack Normal
  • Zen Headbutt Psychic
  • Double Kick Fighting
  • Leaf Blade Grass
  • Close Combat Fighting
  • Stone Edge Rock
  • Sacred Sword Fighting

Stone Edge is really the only move to be wary of when facing Virizion as its best counters are all weak to the move. Outside of Stone Edge, the main battle against Virizion will be the raid battle clock.

While not super defensive like Lugia or Defense Deoxys, Virizion does lean more defensive than most other Gen 5 legendaries, which means your attackers won’t gain energy as quickly from taking attacks from Virizion when compared to most other Generation 5 legendary Pokemon.

Weather Effects

Weather Pro Attacker Pro Virizion
Sunny Boosts Super Effective Fire type moves Boosts Grass Leaf Blade
Partly Cloudy Boosts Normal Quick Attack and Rock Stone Edge
Cloudy Boosts Super Effective Poison and Fairy type moves Boosts Fighting Close Combat
Snow Boosts Super Effective Ice type moves
Windy Boosts Super Effective Flying and Psychic type moves Boosts Psychic Zen Headbutt


Final Notes

Virizion is one of the easiest Generation 5 legendaries to take on in Pokemon GO. Its double weakness to Flying as well as its weakness to Psychic type moves leads to a pretty simple battle as these two types have multiple powerful attackers that can reliably capitalize on these weaknesses.

Virizion also lacks the immediate firepower to threaten its top counters as even Stone Edge is unlikely to OHKO anything outside of Moltres and potentially Honchkrow at lower levels.

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