How to Pokémon GO Fest 2022 in the Britzer Garten, Berlin

A comprehensive guide to Berlin’s Britzer Garden, where Pokémon GO Fest 2022: Berlin takes place from Friday, July 1, 2022, to Sunday, July 3, 2022. Learn how the park looks like, how to get to Britzer Garden, which public transport to take, and what to expect in terms of Gyms and Poké Stops.

This article was written by a Redditor named Steffbert15 and reposted on GO Hub with author’s permission. We did some reformatting and fixed grammar here and there, but the article is the same as posted on Reddit. Thank you Steffbert!

Britzer Garten, Berlin

Note: If you do not want to see how the location looks in real life or PoGo, please be aware, that this post contains spoiler for both! And be kind, English is not my first language =)

The Britzer Garten is located in the southern part of Berlin. The Park was designed as a local recreation area and part of the “Bundesgartenschau”, an exhibition for modern landscaping and horticulture with different themes around the park. Because of its size of 110 hectares, a visitor number of 20.000 people at the same time is no problem to accommodate (I asked an employee at the garden).

Britzer Grden, GO Fest 2022 Berlin
Map of the Garden. A more detailed version can be found on the website of the Britzer Garten.

But first things first:

  • Please take public transport to the park. The parking at the park is very limited and taking a taxi or Uber will be super expensive.
  • You’ll get a ticket for all busses, all subway lines and local trains (no fast trains) for 9€ at the time when the PoGo Fest takes place. You can use this ticket for the whole month. So for all transportation around Berlin and Germany you’ll only have to pay 9€!
  • Please download the official app for the public transportation system in Berlin (BVG). You can download the app “BVG Fahrinfo” for free via the app store.
  • Its the easiest way to find the best way to get from A to B in Berlin and you can buy the 9€ ticket through the app (Monatskarte 9-Euro-Ticket).

Note: The 9€ ticket is a monthly ticket. If you arrive at the 30th of June, you’ll have to buy a new ticket on the 01st of July. But even this will beat any and all prices for an Uber or taxi!

There’s an excellent YouTube video that shows Britzer Garden from different angles, shot by a drone:

How to get to the Britzer Garten and to the entrance I booked my ticket for?

  1. Entrance Mohringer Allee: Take the subway line U6 (violet line) to “Alt-Mariendorf” and make your way east. You can go by foot (1,7) or take the bus 181 to the bus-stop „Rotkopfweg“ or „Windröschenweg”.
  2. Entrance Tauernallee: Take the subway line U6 (violet line) to “Alt-Mariendorf” and make your way south. By foot it is 1,9 km or you take the bus M76 to the stop “Pilatusweg” and walk the last bit.
  3. Entrnace Massiner Weg: Take the subway line U6 (violet line) to “Alt-Mariendorf” and take the bus 181 to the stop “Neumrakplan”. Follow the “Mohringer Allee for 50 meters, turn right and right again and follow the “Massiner Weg”. You’ll see the entrance as soon as you turn right into the Massinger Weg.
  4. Entrance Buckower Damm: Take the subway line U6 (violet line) to “Alt-Mariendorf”, take the bus X71 to the stop “Alt-Buckow” and walk the last 600 meters north to the entrance.

What does the park looks like and what is there to eat?

The main entrance to the Britzer Garten is at the Mohringer Allee. Through this gate, you’ll see a first view of the green depth of the park. Because the park was designed as a garden show, you’ll find a Japanese garden, a rose garden and a witches garden (herbs). But in addition to these special garden areas, the park offers large open spaces for playing or just relaxing after walking.

These spaces are sparsely forested, but you are never far away from the next tree and therefore shadow.

In addition to the natural sights, there is a lookout point in the park. It is located between the entrance “Mohringer Allee” and the “Kalenderplatz”. From there, you’ll have a very nice view over the whole park.

At the Kalenderpalz, there is a sit-down Italian restaurant with inside and outside seating. Around the park, you’ll find smaller food-truck locations, where you can snacks and drinks. Be aware, that most of the stuff there is quite expensive (Coca Cola, 0.33l for 2,90€. Small portion of fries and a hot dog for 5€).

There will be water fountains around the park, where you can fill your water bottles for free and you can bring your own food and drinks into the park.

There are toilets throughout the park. I saw, that some are currently being renovated or renewed, what is very nice!

Britzer Grden, GO Fest 2022 Berlin
First view into the park from the entrance “Mohringer Allee”.
Britzer Grden, GO Fest 2022 Berlin
“Die Liegewiese”, an open space, where you can play or relax.
Britzer Grden, GO Fest 2022 Berlin
The rhododendron garden with art installation.
Britzer Grden, GO Fest 2022 Berlin
Sunset at the Johto tour 2022 at the Britzer Garten.

What about playing Pokémon Go in the Britzer Garten?

There’s a lot of stops and arenas in the Britzer Garten, as you can see on the map below. Because at the time of the event hundreds of people will be using the internet and GPS at the same time, two mobile antennas have been installed. But I did not walk through the whole of the park on Saturday (21.05.2022), there may be a third and a forth antenna.

Berlin is located in the continental climate zone and the weather can get very hot in summer. Please make sure your sunscreen and definitely bring a hat and something salty for snacking (yay electrolytes). Most of the path at the garden are paved or made of gravel, but some are made out of cobble stone. If you are not used to this kind of path, please wear sturdy shoes.

I’d imagine, that the meet-ups with content creator will be at the outdoor stage. For the Johto Tour, there was a small pavilion near the children waterpark area in the west of the park, between entrance Tauernallee and Sangerhauser Weg. But I think, Niantic will announced all locations for official tents and such a couple of days before the Fest starts.

Arena and Stops at the Britzer Garten
Gyms and Stops at the Britzer Garten (marked area with red borders). Map taken from bookofquests.

I hope this updated version of the How To Guide will help you to find your way around the Britzer Garten. If you have questions, please ask them and I try my best to answer.

Please keep in mind, that I am just a Pokemon Trainer, that happens to live near the location. I a do not work for/with Niantic or the Britzer Garten and have the same information about spawns, bonuses and such as you do too.​

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