2021 Community Day Moves: a PVE and PvP Analysis

It has now been revealed that you will be able to evolve the 2021 featured Community Day Pokémon for their Exclusive Moves during this years December Community Day. This feature will be available from 9am to 9pm local time on December 17th and 18th, 2022.

If you haven’t already obtained these Pokémon with their exclusive moves, or simply didn’t play during their events last year, here’s my analysis of all 12 in the PVE and PvP Meta!

NOTE: This article is Part 2 of a 2-part series. If you want to see Part 1 with an analysis on the 2022 Community Day moves you can check that out here.

January Community Day

Machop Community Day

Machamp Fighting

Exclusive Moves: Payback (charged attack) Dark

Machamp’s Community Day move or Payback does not have much use in PVE. It can be used to cover its weakness of Psychic types but doesn’t charge quickly enough for that to be practical. I strongly recommend evolving into Machamp outside of the event and TMing it so that it learns its best Fighting type moveset of Counter and Dynamic Punch.

Similarly, Payback has minimal use in PvP. Machamp is a decent Pokémon in all 3 leagues but it’s preferred charged moves are Cross Chop and Rock Slide. However, Payback can be used alongside Cross Chop in the Ultra League!

February Community Day

Roselia Community Day

Roserade GrassPoison

Exclusive Move: Bullet Seed (fast attack) Grass and Weather Ball (charged attack) Fire

For PVE, Roserade is no good as a Grass type attacker. Its Community Day moves are rather irrelevant for Raid attacking, especially considering the charged attack of Weather Ball being quite random as a Fire type move.

Roserade does perform well as a Poison type Raid attacker though and ranks 3rd best. Best movesets for a Poison attacking Roserade are Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb.

When it comes to PvP, Roserade has little no importance in any league and is not recommended to be used at all.

March Community Day

Fletchling Community Day

Talonflame FireFlying

Exclusive Move: Incinerate (fast attack) Fire

Unfortunately, Incinerate Talonflame is a poor Fire type attacker. The Fire type PVE Meta is stacked with a range of powerful Pokémon that perform higher than it. Megas such as Charizard and Blaziken, Shadows legendaries like Entei or Moltres, and even common Pokémon like Flareon and Emboar outperform it noticeably.

Not to mention, its 2x weakness to Rock types makes Talonflame extremely hard to use in any PVE battle.

However in PvP Talonflame is a different story. Paired with Flame Charge its attack stat boosts extremely fast. Brave Bird also provides extra coverage but drops its defense stat by a lot. We recommend using these two charged attacks with Incinerate for Great League.

April Community Day

Snivy Community Day

Serperior Grass

Exclusive Move: Frenzy Plant (charged attack) Grass

Serperior’s finest charged move in the game is Frenzy Plant, but it simply lacks the attacking stats to compete with the best Grass type attackers. Although it’s a decent Pokémon to have, I wouldn’t suggest powering up a Serperior for PVE.

In the Great League, Serperior is a mediocre choice. With Vine Whip, Frenzy Plant and Aerial Ace it ranks just outside the Top 100 best.

May Community Day

Swablu Community Day

Altaria DragonFlying

Exclusive Move: Moonblast (charged attack) Fairy

Moonblast isn’t too much of an asset for Altaria in PVE. When Mega evolved it can come in handy for Dragon type Raid Bosses when you give it the moveset Dragon Breath and Moonblast.

Altaria has always been an amazing Great League Pokémon since the start of PVP and Trainer Battles. I recommend the moveset of Dragon Breath, Sky Attack and Moonblast.

June Community Day

Gible Community Day

Garchomp GroundDragon

Exclusive Move: Earth Power (charged attack) Ground

Garchomp with Earth Power is easily the most important Community Day move during this event. Garchomp ranks 1st in the best Ground types by far, and with the possibility of a Shadow Garchomp and Mega Garchomp in future in can only get better. Mud Shot and Earth Power are a must have on your Garchomp.

As for PvP, Garchomp performs well in the Master League. Same moveset is recommended as a PVE Garchomp, so I recommend just powering one up and using it for both Metas!

July Community Day

Tepig Community Day

Emboar FireFighting

Exclusive Move: Blast Burn (charged attack) Fire

Just like Serperior, Emboar’s best charged move in the game is Blast Burn, but it just doesn’t have the stats to compete with the top-tier Fire type attackers. It’s on the same level as Typhlosion and just a bit lower than Charizard and Blaziken when it comes to Fire type attackers. Nice to have, but definitely not a top priority at all.

August community Day

Eevee Community Day

Exclusive Moves:

  • Vaporeon: Scald Water
  • Jolteon: Zap Cannon Electric
  • Flareon: Superpower Fighting
  • Espeon: Shadow Ball Ghost
  • Umbreon: Psychic Psychic
  • Leafeon: Bullet Seed Grass
  • Glaceon: Water Pulse Water
  • Sylveon: Psyshock Psychic

We don’t recommend any of the Eeveelutions attacks for PVE, as none improve them at all. For PvP, the only Meta relevant move is Umbreon with Psychic, but even that still isn’t too great at all.

September Community Day

Oshawott Community Day

Samurott Water

Exclusive Move: Hydro Cannon (charged attack) Water

Similar to Hydro Cannon Empoleon in terms of performance is Hydro Cannon Samurott. Statistically, it only just outperforms it. It all depends on the charge move that a certain raid boss or gym defender possesses.

Overall, Hydro Cannon Samurott is a respectable water type attacker to have, but bear in mind that Kyogre, Kingler, and the water type Megas are still more powerful Pokémon. As for PvP, I don’t recommend using it for any league as it lacks the class and attacking stats to be used well.

October Community Day

Duskull Community Day

Dusknoir Ghost

Exclusive Move: Shadow Ball (charged attack)Ghost

Shadow Ball Dusknoir is quite unsuitable for both PVE and PvP activities. Other than for collecting or PvP, there is really no need to obtain a Dusknoir because of how much worse it performs than the top-tier ghost type Pokémon. Even though Shadow Ball is its greatest charge move in the game, Dusknoir is just extremely underwhelming in all Metas!

November Community Day

Shinx Community Day

Luxray Electric

Exclusive Move: Psychic Fangs (charged attack) Psychic

When it comes to PVE, Psychic Fangs has no use. Its lack of power and simply the fact that is a Psychic type move on an Electric type Pokémon makes its rather pointless.

In Great League PvP though, Psychic Fangs makes Luxray a spice pick. Paired with Snarl and Wild Charge, it provides a wide coverage with both quick charging and hard hitting attacks.


I hope you found this guide useful. Here’s a reminder of the importance of different Community Day exclusive moves in case you forgot. Garchomp is the only must have exclusive move with Earth Power and should be prioritised. Talonflame, Samurott, Serperior, Altaria and Emboar are all improvements and should be evolved during the event. Machamp, Roserade, and the Eeveelutions, Dusknoir and Luxray are better without their Community Day exclusive moves and are not recommended to evolve.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy the upcoming CD weekend!

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