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Alola Raichu, the surfing Psychic Electric type Pokémon is making its way into the game along with the other Alolan forms. As of the time of this meta-analysis, it is not out and it is unknown how it will come to Pokémon go, although reasonable guesses would be through a spawn event such as Exeggutor or through raids as the in-game notification seems to suggest.

It has better all around stats than its Kantonian variant, showing the clear benefits of consuming large amounts of fluffy pancakes, it makes you stronger and gives you psychic powers. Even with this boost however, it still does not make the cut in either of its types, considering it has no Psychic fast move, or the stats to make it a top-rate Electric attacker.

Stats and Comparison

Italics indicates legacy moves.

Raichu vs Alola Raichu
Pokémon Fast Moves Charge Moves
  • Spark Electric
  • Volt Switch Electric
  • Wild Charge Electric
  • Thunder Punch Electric
  • Psychic Psychic
  • Spark Electric
  • Volt Switch Electric
  • Thunder Shock Electric
  • Wild Charge Electric
  • Thunder Punch Electric
  • Thunder Electric
  • Brick Break Fighting


As for other electric types, it certainly ranks higher than its Kantonian version, however not by much. (No coverage will be given in comparison to other Psychic types due to its lack of a fast move and overall bad stats making it wholly irrelevant in that regard.)

Electric All Stars
Pokemon CP Attack Defense Stamina Generation
Raichu ElectricPsychic 2143 201 172 120 VII
Raikou Electric 3349 241 210 180 II
Zapdos ElectricFlying 3330 253 188 180 I
Jolteon Electric 2730 232 201 130 I
Ampharos Electric 2695 211 172 180 II
Electivire Electric 2904 249 173 150 IV
Magnezone ElectricSteel 2996 238 217 140 IV
Luxray Electric 2668 232 156 160 IV
Golem ElectricRock 2916 211 229 160 VII


As stated earlier, Alolan Raichu does not take full advatage of its Psychic typing as it has no fast move and there are better charged Psychic type moves that Psychic. This leads its best moveset to be Spark/Wild Charge. Spark is the better offensive fast move, with Volt Switch only standing out as the better defensive option due to how defending Pokemon use attacks, although this is ill advised due to its relatively low bulk and defense. As for charged moves, Wild Charge is hands down the best Electric charged move in the game so it takes the cake over Thunder Punch.

Meta Usage

While its position is slated to only decrease in relevance over-time, especially as new generations get added as seen above, Alola Raichu does indeed have usage on a B-team for raiding some water types, especially if it gets a boost from Rainy. It outclasses its regular variant as well in almost all situations so it does its job in that sense.

That being said, it is hindered on several fronts, namely its Psychic type adding more weaknesses to its Electric typing so instead of just Ground types to worry about it now has to fear Dark, Ghost, and Bug types now in addition to Ground. As well, stat wise it is outclassed entirely by other electric types, including other, more common ones like Jolteon and Manectric. Finally, to add to the list of problems the stats of the soon to be introduced Alola Golem entirely overshadow Raichu in every category, so perhaps it needs to go back and eat a few more pancake stacks, it might surpass Raikou at some point if it keeps it up.

Weather Effects

Weather Pros and Cons
Sunny No Pros Boost Super Effective Ground moves
Partly Cloudy No Pros or Cons
Cloudy No Pros or Cons

Boosts Electric Fast Moves: Spark and Volt Switch

Boosts Electric Charged Moves: Thunder Punch and Wild Charge

Boosts Super Effective Bug moves
Fog No Pros Boosts Super Effective Ghost and Dark moves
Windy Boosts Psychic Charged Move: Psychic No Cons
Snow No Pros or Cons

Shiny vs. Regular Alola Raichu

The biggest difference is that Shiny Alola Raichu has more of a gold tinge in the ears and tail, as well as looking absolutely adorable chocolate colored!

Shiny Alola Raichu Regular Alola Raichu

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