Enamorus (Incarnate) as a Fairy and Flying-type Raid Attacker

Enamorus (Incarnate Form) will make its debut in Pokémon GO as an Elite Raid boss on Wednesday, February 14. In this article, we will discuss its roles in raids as both a Fairy- and a Flying-type attacker.

Main Points (TL;DR)

Enamorus is the #1 non-shadow non-mega Fairy attacker. It is slightly worse than a 15/15/15 Shadow Gardevoir (by 2%), but the difference is so small that they’re virtually equal.

The vast majority of uses for fairy attackers are against dragon-type raid bosses. On that front, Enamorus is slightly worse than most regular dragon attackers, such as Dragonite, Haxorus and Rayquaza, but not far behind.

Perhaps the most surprising: Enamorus is also a top-tier Flying attacker, despite having no flying-type fast move! On average, it’s very similar to Shadow Staraptor and Oblivion Wing Yveltal, and the #3 regular Flying type (only behind Rayquaza and Yveltal).

  • Even against bosses that are double weak to flying, Enamorus’s ranking barely changes. (See below)

My analyses of other types are in this spreadsheet. You can also follow me on Twitter (X) and Threads!

Charts: Fairy

Fairy attackers ranked by their average in-raid performance, using ASE.
Fairy and Dragon attackers ranked by their average in-raid performance (against bosses weak to both), using ASE.

Charts: Flying

Flying attackers ranked by their average in-raid performance, using ASE.

Comparisons (or lack thereof)

Enamorus vs. Shadow Gardevoir, L40 not friends

Enamorus vs. Shadow Gardevoir:

  • Despite being a “legendary vs. shadow” comparison, their bulk difference is not significant: Enamorus only has 6% more bulk, as it’s a glass cannon itself.
  • The performance difference mostly comes from typing, which is largely a draw between both.
  • In neutral situations, Shadow Gardevoir slightly edges out Enamorus (hence the 34%-66% split shown here), but the advantage is almost negligible.

Due to time constraints, I didn’t run comparison sims for Enamorus vs. other dragon attackers. However, I speculate that when the raid boss has dragon-type charged moves, Enamorus will likely far outperform non-shadow dragons. (Whether it can overpower shadow dragons remains a question). Keep in mind, such scenarios only happen 1/4 to 1/3 of the time, and they’re offset by typing disadvantages if the boss has elemental charged moves (e.g. Reshiram, Zekrom, Palkia).

Miscellaneous Points

As anti-Dragon attackers, don’t forget that Enamorus benefits from cloudy weather boost, which is often more common than windy (boosting dragons).

Why can Enamorus function as a flying attacker? Fly (the charged move) is an overpowered move, and Fairy Wind charges it up really quickly, as its stats heavily favor energy generation.

Because the most common use cases of flying-type attackers (so far) are bosses with a double weakness to flying, you may expect Enamorus to do worse here, since Fairy Wind no longer deals maximum damage. However, I checked such scenarios… Surprisingly, in Estimator, Enamorus remains in the same tier, at worst being a little bit below Shadow Staraptor.

  • Virizion: Shadow Staraptor > Yveltal > Shadow Honchkrow ≈ Enamorus >> Moltres
  • Buzzwole: Shadow Staraptor > Yveltal > Enamorus > Shadow Honchkrow >> Moltres
  • Pheromosa: Enamorus >> Yveltal > Moltres > Shadow Staraptor >>>> Shadow Honchkrow
  • Mega Heracross: Enamorus ≈ Yveltal >> Moltres > Shadow Staraptor >> Shadow Honchkrow
  • This is likely because: (1) Fairy Wind is an EPS-oriented move that still lets Enamorus deal heavy flying-type damage, and (2) Enamorus double resists fighting moves, gaining a major typing advantage over Staraptor, Honchkrow and Yveltal.
  • Also keep in mind, there are some future bosses with only a single weakness to flying (most notably Mega Gallade and Mega Mewtwo X).

Besides Shadow Gardevoir, What else can outclass Enamorus in the future? A few options:

  • Flutter Mane (Gen 9 Paradox Pokemon), IF it gets Charm/Dazzling Gleam. This is Enamorus’s greatest threat, but we don’t know how Paradoxes will be implemented.
  • Zacian (Crown form), even if it uses the nerfed Gen 9 stats and doesn’t get a fairy fast move
  • Shadow Togekiss
  • Enamorus itself with its signature move, Springtide Storm
  • Shadow Xerneas
  • Shadow Enamorus
  • (Note: Iron Valiant has great stats, but can’t get a fairy fast move. Even if it could, it still seems slightly worse than Flutter Mane, and at best similar to Enamorus.)

Brief Notes on Dialga and Palkia Origin for Sinnoh Tour

I will do a standalone article on both Origin forms, but it will not be before the in-person event this weekend. Alternatively, the Shadow Rayquaza charts I made for the Shadow Weather Trio article also has both Origin forms.

Here are my current impressions, pending further analysis:

  • Against all bosses, Palkia-O > Dialga-O, but just slightly
  • I expect Dialga-O to do better when the boss has dragon charged moves
  • Against bosses weak to fairy (shown in this article), Palkia-O ≈ Dialga-O
    • I suspect it’s due to omission of Reshiram and other bosses that are not weak to fairy, in which Palkia has an advantage
  • If you think their regular (“Altered”) forms will also get the signature moves: Palkia-O > Dialga-A > Dialga-O > Palkia-A

Imgur Links and Additional Charts

(Links to be updated soon)

General attacker charts: ASE and ASTTW*


* indicates additional charts that are not in the main post.

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