Suicune’s Disappointment and Fix

Pokemon GO Suicune
Pokemon GO Suicune

Suicune is arguably the most disappointing Legendary Pokemon in all of Pokemon GO. It suffers from a lack of a STAB quick move and perhaps even a charge move stat deficiency. Let’s dive into why Suicune is such a let down and what Niantic can do to make it one of the best Water types in the game!

Poor Quick Move Pool

Suicune only has access the the following quick moves:

  • Snarl Dark – 12 DMG, 10.9 DPS
  • Extrasensory Psychic – 12 DMG,10.9 DPS

Although solid moves, they do not benefit from STAB. This is the most important issue weighing Suicune’s performance down. Waterfall Water is the best move Niantic could potentially give in order to buff Suicune into a top tier Water attacker. It deals STAB and is one of the best quick moves in the entire game! This change also makes sense as Suciune can learn this move in the main series games. We can only keep our fingers crossed though trainers!

Bubble Beam Buff

Niantic could also choose the route of buffing one of Suicune’s moves as we saw with Lugia. Lugia’s Sky Attack buff made it the best Flying type move in Pokemon GO. Perhaps the next time Suicune comes out for the second time in raids, instead of giving it waterfall, it’s Bubble Beam will be buffed to 55 or even 60. This would make Bubble Beam the best Water type move in Pokemon GO.

Bubble Beam would look like this:

  • Bubble Beam Water – 3 bar charge move, 55 DMG, 34.7 DPS with STAB


  • Bubble Beam Water – 3 bar charge move, 60 DMG, 37.9 DPS with STAB

Dealing a total of 165 or 180 DMG in 5700ms, is more damage than any other Water move in the same amount of time. Hydro Pump takes 6600ms to get off two charge bars dealing 230 DMG and Water Pulse takes 6400ms to get off two charge bars deal 140 DMG. Hence, this is why Bubble Beam would reign supreme!


After hearing countless fellow trainers say Suicune is too weak in Pokemon GO, Niantic needs to make a change. By no means should Vaporeon outclass a legendary Water beast such as Suicune. We can only keep our fingers crossed that Niantic gives it access to Waterfall. Although, a buff to Bubble Beam would suffice as well.

Let us know you’re thoughts in the comment section below! How should Suciune be fixed?