0.203 Release Notes Are Live

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO 0.203 Release Notes were just shared by Niantic on the official Support Website, highlighting quality of life updates and bug fixes released with this version. 0.203 version is slowly rolling out to players around the globe on Android. For Apple Users, this release will show as version 1.169 in the App Store.

You can read more about the recently updated Candy XL mechanics and announced an upcoming Refer a Friend feature here. The fabled Route Maker feature is also taking shape in recently released updates.



  • Trainers can now more easily select all units of an item by tapping the minus button when the selection is at one, instead of having to press the plus sign to get to the maximum number.
  • When you complete a Timed Research task in your Today View that rewards a Pokémon Encounter, it will order itself to be on the top of the page if you exit the encounter.
  • Level-Up Research notifications will now appear from the left side of the screen to differentiate them from other research progress notifications.
  • Added the message “Time’s Up!” to notify you when the timer runs out for Gym Battles.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that forced Trainers to use Free or Premium Battle Passes when invited to a raid, accompanied by a “Walk Closer” message. Trainers are now able to join the raid they’re invited to with a Remote Raid Pass.
  • Allowed Candy XL exchanges when the Trainer has the exact number of Candy to convert to Candy XL.
  • Fixed a bug in GO Battle League that displayed the Pokémon switch menu again if a Pokémon was switched out at the same time as it fainted.
  • Fixed an issue in GO Battle League in which the switch buttons were unavailable at the end of the Charged Attack animation.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally made Trainers unable to invite some Friends to raids until they changed their search.
  • Fixed a bug where if a Trainer’s Bluetooth was turned off, the “Connect to Nintendo Switch” option would still display.
  • Fixed a visual bug in which purified Shadow Pokémon still showed Shadow Pokémon features after purification.
  • Fixed several Russian and other language UI issues.
  • Fixed Pokémon icons failing to appear in the in-app notifications.