Pokemon GO APK
Pokemon GO APK

As you’re probably aware, yesterday we were unable to continue the Part I of our data mine due to severe lack of sleep and energy.

At that point, the GO Hub team was already awake for 36 hours and we decided to publish only the most important info: raid support, new gym system and legendary raid battles. You can (and you should) read the Part I of our data mine first.

Now, it’s time to tackle the APK again and focus on a few new discoveries.


Battle Teams!

Trainers, we did not expect this one! Before the hype train starts, be aware that we haven’t found any visual assets to support Battle Teams, only code in the APK. Niantic hasn’t confirmed it either (yet).

Battle Teams are a mechanism to store groups of Pokémon in a team, similar to how teams work in other Pokémon games. Up to 6 Pokémon can be part of a team. Teams can also be named and they seem to have a preference attached to them.


Exciting times, we may see a huge Quality of Life improvement if this happens to get implemented!

Gym Bonus Loot

In addition to everything we know about the new Gyms, this APK has shown us that there is even more hidden under the surface. It seems that there are several levels (or tiers) of Bonus Loot you can get for spinning gyms.

The bonus loot is influenced by:

  • your Gym Badge level
  • allegiance to the Team that is controlling the Gym

Gym Badge Map

This feature went wildly under the radar, although the APK is brimming with code to support it. You will be able to view all of the Gym Badges you have collected on an actual map that supports the following:

  • panning,
  • zooming,
  • clustering badges

Premier Balls

Niantic wasn’t lying, we are getting Premier Balls for capturing Raid Bosses. At this point, we have the Ball icon and some information on the amount of balls awarded:

These factors influence the number of Premier Balls you’ll receive:

  • The base Pokeballs
  • Your damage contribution
  • Team Damage contribution
  • Gym Ownership
  • The percentage of damage inflicted by your team