Trainers, rejoice! The 0.69.0 update is now live on a subset of Google Play Stores and is soon expected to land on Android and iOS devices worldwide.

We also expect this update to be forced very soon, as it contains important game assets for GO Fest (Chicago GO Fest Badge) and a large amount of in-game UI for Legendary Raids.

As usual, we’ve prepared a data mining report which is available below. We’ve already published a report on newly added visual assets, which is available here: Pokémon GO 0.69.0 Asset analysis: LEGENDARY RAID PASS added and more!

Beware, this report contains a LARGE AMOUNT of spoilers for upcoming Legendary encounters. If don’t want any spoilers, stop reading right now.

Legendary Events and Legendary Raid Pass

As we’ve previously reported, Legendary Pokémon will be available via Legendary Event Raids. This version has finally brought full support for the features in question.

Legendary Raid Pass
Legendary Raid Pass

There are two interesting additions:

  • a mention of a Legendary Key and Gyms being disabled
  • a confirmation message for transferring Legendary Pokémon to the Professor (similar to Favourite/Shiny transfer warning)

Additionally, the event infrastructure in the game has been vastly improved and now features the ability to load extended event info from Niantic’s servers: event name, icon and type. This is now available in the EventInfo protocol buffer.

Support for Legendary and Mythic Pokémon

Niantic has silently added support for distinguishing between Legendary and Mythic Pokémon. No further code was added for Legendary Pokémon, so we believe this is a small piece of upcoming changes.


Hidden and exclusive Raids

Eh, this one is confusing. Raids can now be hidden and exclusive ,but it’s not completely clear how this mechanism works. What is clear is that you need an “Exclusive Raid Ticket” to participate in these raids and that Gyms will be closed during the exclusive raid encounter.

Our theory is that this refers to Legendary Raid Events, as Niantic has shared earlier that Legendary Raids will be invitation only.




QR Code support for Event Checkins

It’s finally clear how we will be able to check-in on various Pokémon GO events. The game now features a hidden QR code support, related to event checkins. It will still be possible to check-in manually, but QR codes are also supported.


New Sponsor and new Encounter Type

0.69.0 brought a new in-game sponsor, codenamed “Whisk” but also a new encounter type “Disk”. We have no hints in regards to the meaning or effects of this encounter type.