The 11th Nest Migration should be coming in two days, on 12th of January 2017!

Pokemon GO Nest Migration
Pokemon GO Nest Migration


we observed a nest migration every two weeks seven times in a row. We’re fairly confident to say it’s a rule of a thumb now. According to our migration tracker, the 11th Nest Migration should be happening in two days, on 12th of January in UTC time.

As with previous migrations, we do not expect any patterns in migratory species, as they proved to be random switch arounds. If you have any plans to farm a local Nest area, please be sure to do it today or tomorrow, as you may find species which are of no use to your Pokédex score or your team.

However, we are not 100% confident that a migration will occur this time.

Why aren’t we 100% confident that a Nest migration will occur?

For the most part, Nest migrations are probably an automatised process run on Niantic’s servers. However, as Winter Holidays and vacations took out the majority of the development team, we could be observing a missed migration in favour of a game update.

There is no indication that this is correct, except for a irregularity in Niantic’s patch + next week nest migration cycle that was in place for 7 weeks now.

We hope this is not a case and that the pattern will continue, just starting with a Migration and following with a Game Update.

Also, Ingress was updated yesterday.

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