500 PokeStop spins later: the chance to get every PokeStop item

Pokemon GO Spawn Points Guide
Pokemon GO Spawn Points Guide

A reddit user called ABKC has been doing some crazy research of PokeStop drops and spins recently. After spinning the same PokeStop 500 times and writing down the results of every spin, ABKC reported his results.

Yes, you have read it correctly – someone out there spun the same PokeStop and marked every drop he got 500 times. Crazy, we know.

Thankfully, the author was very thorough when it comes to noting down the results, so we are able to extrapolate the correct drop % for every item that can be found at a PokeStop.


Item Number Percentage of Items
Pokeball 776 47.90%
Great Ball 236 14.57%
Ultra Ball 89 5.49%
Razzberry 107 6.60%
Potion 199 12.28%
Super Potion 65 4.01%
Hyper Potion 44 2.72%
Max Potion 21 1.30%
Revive 75 4.63%
Eggs 8 7.34%
Total 1,620 100.00%


We are not surprised by the results, but we are unhappy with how item % are distributed. It doesn’t make much sense to have a higher chance to get a Ultra ball than to get a Revive.

We are not sure is this a permanent thing, or it was server influenced recently, however, this is how the distribution looks like.

Items per spin

As you can see, the number of items per spin is also nicely distributed, with PokeStops giving an extra item every 5th spin.

Items Per Spin Percentage of Spins
3 78.40%
4 19.40%
5 2.00%
6 0.20%


The original comments by the reddit researcher:

So, I work on a Pokestop and it has been slow in the office. To combat that and make sure I have a healthy supply of items at all times.

Then I had a better thought, I should write this down to try to create some more data on what pokestops are doing and potentially catch times Niantic adjusts pokestop item frequencies. I am only Level 29, so once I switch to 30 I can observe how things change with Max Revives available.

Here is what I have found so far. My goal is to eventually gather 10,000 spins from this stop and 2,500 from two other stops in the park I frequent. Right now I only have data from the work stop. The following is from Jan 6th to Jan 19th.


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