A special Unown event at the Dutch Comic Con 2018

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Trainers, our Dutch sources informed us about a new Unown event, taking place at the Dutch Comic Con this weekend!

The Unown will spawn the whole event in the Gaming Hall of Heroes Dutch Comic Con, which is held in De Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The event started today at 10.00 AM and will end at 17.00 PM on Sunday (also the Unown Spawn Times). Visitors will also find a temporary Pokéstop and Gym in the hall. The letters of Unown that will spawn are C O M I N which combined make the words Comic Con.

In the Gaming Hall visitors will also find the Dutch Pokémon GO Fan Gathering Booth (hosted and powered by us (NWTV)). Visitors will be able to use free Wi-Fi, power to charge their phones and play Pokémon games like Pokken Tournament.

Unown event at the Dutch Comic Con
Screenshot from the event, by Cicatrix1982

Ysmael of the GO Hub forum fame has assembled a great list showing which Unown letters were released on real world events so far. We often get asked which Unown letters are still missing, so this answers that.

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