APK Teardown: What’s new in Pokemon GO 0.153.2

Pokémon GO APK Mine
Pokémon GO APK Mine

v0.153.2 is slowly rolling out through Google Play Store (iOS App Store lags a bit behind) and it contains a few interesting discoveries. Route Maker and Competitive PvP are stil missing, but there are a few noteworthy changes. Be advised that this information has been shared online through data mining channels. As always, it’s subject to change and it’s not endorsed or affiliated with Niantic.

Safari Zone Badges

Code support for upcoming Montreal Safari Zone 2019 is now fully integrated with the main code branch and features distinct handlers for each event day:


New moves

Two new moves were spotted in the code base, assets still missing:


Angel_on_my_Shoulder created a list of Pokemon that can learn these moves in the Main Series Games (MSG):

List of Gen 1-5 mon that can learn STAB Thunder Fang in the MSG:

  • Jolteon
  • Raikou
  • Electrike, Manectric
  • Shinx, Luxio, Luxray
  • Zekrom

List of Gen 1-5 mon that can learn STAB Ice Fang in the MSG:

  • Piloswine, Mamoswine
  • Snorunt, Glalie
  • Walrein

Unfortunately, stats for the two new moves are not known and will probably be revealed at a later date.

New Pikachu Form


Normal forms are rapidly becoming a common occurrence in the APK, as they signify the “vanilla” version of a given Pokemon. The VS_2019 name is confusing, as it’s a format that was never observed before – could it be a reward for winning a Trainer Battles tournament of some kind? Time will tell, but we suggest you keep an eye on this one!

Limited Item Purchase

.set_PurchaseLimit ...

Limited Item Purchases were spotted in the APK, most likely referring to a new mechanism for selling event tickets and seasonal bundles. Up to this date, buying event tickets always took place outside the app, maybe this is the first step in bringing it to the native in-game shop? We’re especially curious to see how the Purchase Limit field works, maybe it will finally stop ticket scalpers.

Other changes

  • Fixes for PvP animations
  • Fixes for PvP turn state changes
  • Additions to “Incident Ticket” code, we are still not sure what it refers to
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