August 2019 was Pokemon GO’s best month since 2016

PokéCoin Farming Guide
PokéCoin Farming Guide

According to data released by Daniel Ahmad, a Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, August 2019 was Pokemon GO’s best month since September 2016! Niko Partners is a market research company that mainly covers the Chinese and Southeast Asian games industry.

Ahmad pointed out that Pokemon GO had its best month since September 2016 and managed to stay on track to reach 3 billion dollars gross revenue. The only game that managed to surpass this number was Clash of Clans!

If Pokemon GO manages to climb above $3 billion gross revenue, it would be equivalent to selling 50 million copies of a game at $60 (per unit):

With new features, a whole new generation of Pokemon and a plethora of interesting events coming soon, Pokemon GO will continue to thrive. It seems that Niantic has struck the perfect balance between its key demographic, franchise appeal and the right amount of in-game events, challenges and monetization strategy.

Keep in mind that Pokemon GO is one of the least monetized big name games in the App store, completely playable with no in-game purchases. Comparing it to Pokemon Masters makes you appreciate these results even more.

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