Beldum, Ralts, Slakoth and Yokosuka quests found, Gen IV strings removed, new version hinted in Pokemon GO’s network traffic

Contains spoilers for the Yokosuka Safari Zone event. Also contains disappointment.

Pokémon GO Datamine

Trainers, we have some mixed news to report this morning. Chrales, the regular Pokemon GO network traffic analyst, has shared that the game is downloading a set of recently updated Pokemon GO localization files that include the following changes:

  • Yokosuka themed field research and special Prof. Willow quest line
  • New field research quests
  • Removal of Gen IV Pokedex string that contained the Sinnoh region name
  • Hints of a new version incoming

Let’s see what’s new!

New Yokosuka themed field research and special Prof. Willow quest line (spoilers ahead)

The following text contains direct spoilers for the Yokosuka Safari Zone quest line. If you’re attending, please, skip this one.

Yokosuka quest line

%PLAYERNAME%! Thank goodness you made it to this important research site. I came to study Pokémon that commonly appear in this area, but it seems I need your help!

The species of Pokémon I’ve observed today don’t normally appear around here. What a strange occurrence! Would you be willing to travel throughout the park and perform some tasks for me? With all these wild Pokémon around, it almost feels like a safari!

Wow, great work today! In addition to completing some insightful research, you’ve skillfully helped me document the amazing nature around us and the fascinating migration patterns that Pokémon follow. I have a feeling there’s even more to discover out here!

The results of your work have produced an awesome amount of Stardust. Perhaps you could find good use for it in powering up or trading a Pokémon! Enjoy, %PLAYERNAME%!

New field research quest

A few new quests have appeared, possibly as a tie-in to Yokosuka Safari Zone, possibly as preparation for upcoming Community Days, possibly both:

  • Catch {0} Ralts
  • Catch {0} Beldum
  • Catch {0} Slakoth
  • Earn {0} Candies walking with your buddy
  • Catch a Rattata or Pikachu

Gen IV Pokedex entry title removed

"Sinnoh" "シンオウ" "Sinnoh" 
"Sinnoh" "Sinnoh" "Sinnoh" 
"신오" "Sinnoh" "Sinnoh"

Recently, this string has found it’s way into Pokemon GO’s network traffic, unleashing a massive hype train for the upcoming release of Gen IV.

Today, the string was removed completely from the downloaded localization files, clearly indicating that it’s appearance was not intended in the first place.

In other words, NIA accidentally leaked it, admitting they’re working on Gen IV in the process.

Hints of a new version coming

And last, but certainly not least, a new string has appeared titled “general_dismiss”. As far as we are aware, the current version code base doesn’t contain a UI element where this text could appear, therefor we’re expecting a new version throughout this or next week.

The new version should contain at least a button tied with this string.