Blaziken’s Community Day Exclusive Move is Blast Burn!

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Trainers, get fired up! Blaziken’s CD Exclusive move is Blast Burn! As shared by Niantic, Blaziken evolved during the May Community Day will know Blast Burn as a special move. Here’s a quick comparison chart of the strongest Pokemon GO Fire-types, using their respective best movesets, (built with our DPS & TDO comparer):

Pokémon DPS TDO
Moltres 33.84 1458.33
Flareon 33.44 1142.34
Blaziken 33.00 1043.46
Entei 31.92 1564.88
Heatran 31.18 1578.36
Charizard 30.95 1157.53

*DPS and TDO are calculated using Level 40 Pokemon with perfect IVs and a 200 DEF defender model. The values displayed here should be compared only among themselves and represent DPS and TDO approximations.

Moltres is still the king of Fire-types, but Blaziken’s DPS comes pretty close, although its TDO leaves much to be desired. Blast Burn is simply an amazing Fire-type move for raids and PvP.

Here is our full writeup of Torchic Community Day.

Blaze Kick

Leading up to this announcement, there was a ton of discussion whether or not Blaziken would learn the recently discovered Blaze Kick or Blast Burn as its CD exclusive move. We never put too much thought into this because Blast Burn is the exclusive fire starter move, only Fire-type starters can get it. There would be no opportunity to give Fire-type starters this move besides Community Day. However, Niantic has also announced that “Kicking in on Community Day and going forward, Trainers can use TMs to teach their Blaziken the powerful Fire-type move Blaze Kick!”


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