Clarifying GO Fest: worldwide challenge, legendaries and more

Pokémon GO Legendary Raid Boss List
Pokémon GO Legendary Raid Boss List


we’ve observed a large amount of confusion on how Trainers around the world can influence the outcome of GO Fest 2017. This post aims to clarify what exactly you gain by participating and what you can do to help.


What do I gain from participating in GO Fest as a non-attending player?

You gain two things: extended in-game bonuses and the Mystery Challenge encounter. According to Niantic’s official event guide, the special Mystery Challenge will be unlocked only if players around the world manage to reach the Gold Tier.

Wait, but isn’t Mystery Challenge only for GO Fest attendees?

Yes and no. Players around the world are responsible to unlock the Mystery Challenge, but GO Fest attendees are responsible to complete it. If Trainers around the world don’t do their part, there will be no Mystery Challenge! Additionally, if the Mystery Challenge is defeated, a major global reward will be available!

Now wait again, does this mean Legendary Pokémon? 

Nobody knows at the moment, but it is possible. The GO Fest map shows four separate Gyms: 3 team gyms and an “ultimate gym”. Given this is the biggest official event, we see no reason why one or more Legendary Pokémon wouldn’t be released.

But then Legendaries are only available at GO Fest?!?!?!

No. Again, as visible from the official infographic, if GO Fest players manage to defeat the Mystery Challenge, the whole world will receive “a major global reward”, that is available from July 23 to July 24. If Legendaries are to be released on GO Fest, we expect them to be available worldwide during this bonus event.

Huh, wasn’t aware of that! What can I do to help?

Get ready to farm, farm, farm! During the three timed-window challenges at GO Fest, you will have to capture everything you see. These challenges last only for 30 minutes, so prepare to Lure the hell out of your local PokéStops.

The problem with these challenges is that they happen at a fixed time of day (CDT timezone), so you need to figure out your local challenge time. Luckily, Antonio has prepared a great table that shows challenge times in major time zones around the world.

Check it out here: GO Fest Challenge Times in various time zones

What will you be doing during these challenges?

We’ll find a spot with a lot of PokéStops, gather a few friends and Lure/Incense it like there’s no tomorrow.

And what if we fail to defeat the challenge?

No Mystery Challenge. Possibly no Legendaries. Let’s not fail it.