Home News Data Mined Info in 0.129.1: Power Up Punch, Winter Event, Burmy, Geofencing

Data Mined Info in 0.129.1: Power Up Punch, Winter Event, Burmy, Geofencing

Data Mined Info in 0.129.1: Power Up Punch, Winter Event, Burmy, Geofencing
Pokémon GO APK Mine

Updated with Minor Text Fixes 

Pokemon GO was just updated to 0.129.1, and while the APK is still not publicly available, we managed to get a hold of it via our back channels and data mine everything that’s new inside. It’s an exciting one, so stay with us.

TLDR version:

  • Power Up Punch move added
  • Winter 2018 event added, new costumed Pokemon on the way
  • Burmy forms support added
  • Geofencing support added / improved
  • A metric ton of bug fixes and code changes
  • New sorting options on Pokemon and Friends pages
  • New Facebook friends feature

Power Up Punch

Power Up Punch is a new Fighting type move added in Pokemon GO 0.129.1 APK. Out of all currently available Pokemon, only Lucario can learn it by leveling, which is quite interesting. Outside of leveling too, it is available to several Pokémon, both relevant and not relevant, through TM including: Machamp, Poliwrath, Primeape, Breloom  Hariyama, Medicham, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Infernape, and Gallade.


We’re not really sure when this will be used, but it’s nice to know that Niantic is adding new moves. New moves are always welcome. Reversal had the best reaction on Twitter ever:

Prior to Generation VII, Lucario is the only Pokémon to learn Power-Up Punch by leveling up, but other Pokémon can learn it through TM98. We guess that a Lucario Community Day is hereby confirmed? 

Winter 2018 event added

A new event flag was added as well, indicating that a new event and costume variant is coming this December. This is not surprising, especially given that we had a Winter event every year so far.


You know the drill by now, a costumed version of one select Pokemon will be available during the Winter 2018 event. Likely dates? Well… post December 20th is our guess.

Burmy changes

The APK brings a few new static fields that reference Burmy forms, likely in preparation for an upcoming release. These fields are primarily used to render Pokedex buttons for form switching:


Burmy is an interesting Pokemon as it has three forms and each of them evolves into a different Womadam form. The grind will be real with this one.


Surprisingly, a lot of code was added to support geofencing in Pokemon GO. Geofencing is, by definition, “the use of GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundary, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area”. The motivation for adding geofencing is yet not clear, but we strongly believe Niantic will build a feature on top of this new technology. Maybe just better event attendance checks? Hope not.

Here are some data mined “pings” or “triggers” that can start a geofencing action:


As expected, the geofencing code references minimum and maximum distances from the “fence”, and defines a few network requests to go with it. We’ll know more in the future, but for now, remember that this exists in Pokemon GO.

Other notable changes

  • As announced in the official patch notes, Facebook friends should now available for players who decided to link their Facebook account
  • Helpshift library was added. Helpshift is used for improving customer support and communication with your customers. We don’t see it on the UI.
  • A lot of bug fixes. Seriously, there’s a lot of code changes here related to bug fixes.
  • As announced in the official patch notes, a plethora of sorting options was (finally) added on all applicable screens: