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Hello Trainers! A lot of interesting things were recently pushed into the game by Niantic, Abra special research has been rescheduled, some details on remote raiding, and much more!

Just a warning, many who have downloaded this update have indicated that it is fairly buggy, so download with caution.

🚨⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️🚨

Please be aware that everything posted here has been publicly reported by data miners (PokeMiners). Information shared through these channels is not affiliated nor approved by Niantic, and is always subject to change. Do not take it for granted, features change and get scrapped all the time. It is very important that you are aware that these things CAN and WILL CHANGE. Additionally, this article contains my thoughts and opinions in regards to the code that was shared online – all of these should be treated as conjecture, not as hard statements. If you’re OK with that, feel free to read further. Potential spoilers ahead.

With that said, let’s get into it!


  • Remote Raid Pass
    • If you are outside the range of the gym, you need to use a Remote Raid Pass
    • Remote Raid Passes are purchased from the Shop
    • During a Remote Raid, your Pokemon will do less damage
    • There will be a limit to remote players vs local
    • You can only carry a certain amount of Remote Raid Passes
  • Buddy will bring you gifts to send to friends
  • Abra Special Event is back for April 25th
  • Marill Battle Day

Abra Special Research

"badge_event_0002", "April 25, 2020", 
"general1.ticket.2_description", "A ticket to access the Investigating Illusions bonus Special Research for Abra Community Day on April 25, 2020, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time, wherever you are. Details can be found in the in-game News.\n\nYOU MUST PLAY DURING THE SPECIFIED TIME TO RECEIVE THE BONUS.", 
"item_global_event_ticket_desc", "A ticket to access special event bonuses on {0} from {1} to {2} local time, wherever you are.",

It would appear that Niantic is going to make a second attempt at the special research previously scheduled for Abra Community Day. Will we get Community Day too? We’ll have to wait for the official announcement.


Buddy gifts

"tutorial_buddy_giftbox", "Your buddy went exploring and brought back some Gifts. Try sending them to your friends!", 
"tutorial_buddy_giftbox_title", "Your buddy found some Gifts!" ]}

It looks like your buddy will be able to bring you gifts you can send your friends.

Marill Battle Day

"battle_day_marill", "GO Battle Day: Marill", 
"gbl_pokemon_featured_marill", "Marill featured in GO Battle League reward encounters",

Perhaps the start of a new trend? It seems that Marill will be getting a “Go Battle Day” event. A full day where we could encounter Marill as a Go Battle reward? No details on a date, but interesting if this becomes a regular thing.

Remote Raiding

Now the big one! As mentioned earlier, Raiding from home was teased in a new Niantic blog post. It seems that details of the feature have slowly started creeping in to the game – alas!

Remote Raid Pass

"remote_raid_nearby_callout", "New: Raid remotely", 
"item_remote_raid_ticket_name", "Remote Raid Pass", 
"remote_raid_need_ticket_title", "Remote Raid Pass", 
"remote_raid_battle_helptext", "using a Remote Raid Pass",
"item_remote_raid_ticket_desc", "A Remote Raid Pass can be used to join a Raid Battle remotely.", 
"remote_raid_use_ticket_confirmation", "Use a Remote Raid Pass to join the Raid Battle",

It looks like we will need special Remote Raid passes to participate in raids remotely. A clever way to turn it off and on at will.

Available in the Shop

"At your current distance from this Gym, you need a Remote Raid Pass to join this raid. 
You can get Remote Raid Passes in the shop.", 
"You have reached the max number of Remote Raid Passes ({0}). 
Please try again when you have fewer Remote Raid Passes.",

Looks like the passes will be available for purchase in the shop, and you’ll only be able to hold a certain number at a time.

Less Damage

"Pokémon do less damage when battling in raids remotely.",

Your Pokémon will do less damage when you raid remotely. Be mindful of that when you’re organizing your teams.

Organizing Remote Raids

"remote_raid_friends_header", "Your Friends", 
"remote_raid_invitations_header", "Invitations", 
"remote_raid_leave", "Leave", 
"remote_raid_lobby_callout", "Tap View to go to the raid lobby.", 
"remote_raid_continue_to_lobby", "Continue to Lobby", 
"remote_raid_view", "View",

It looks like your friends will be able to invite you to raids. It also looks like you’ll be able to make a call-out to invite people to join a raid with you

Remote Raider Limit

"remote_raid_lobby_full", "This lobby has reached the max number of remote players",

It appears that there will be a limit to the number of “Remote raiders” that will be permitted to join a raid.

Other things that are far less interesting, but you should still read!

Another Retention Message

"retention_friend_bonus_message", "Pokémon GO is more fun with friends! You can get XP, Eggs, and items by sharing Gifts with your pals.",

A message encouraging you to encourage your friends to play Pokémon Go.


Text for Play until you Win – Go Battle League

"challenge_battle_gbl_win_all", "Win in the GO Battle League",

Text for Go Battle League

Today View Bonuses

"gbl_sets_extra_three", "3 extra sets of battles in the GO Battle League", 
"gbl_sets_extra_twenty_total", "20 total sets of battles in the GO Battle League",
"gbl_walking_distance_zero", "No walking requirement for the GO Battle League",
"buddy_candy_distance_half", "1/2 distance to earn Buddy Candy", 
"catch_candy_double", "2x Catch Candy", 
"catch_candy_triple", "3x Catch Candy", 
"catch_stardust_double", "2x Catch Stardust", 
"catch_stardust_double_marill", "2x Catch Stardust for catching Marill", 
"catch_stardust_triple", "3x Catch Stardust", 
"catch_xp_double", "2x Catch XP", 
"catch_xp_triple", "3x Catch XP", 
"eggs_event", "Event-themed Eggs",
"eggs_2k_event", "Event-themed 2 km Eggs", 
"eggs_5k_event", "Event-themed 5 km Eggs", 
"eggs_7k_event", "Event-themed 7 km Eggs", 
"eggs_10k_event", "Event-themed 10 km Eggs",
"evolve_xp_double", "2x XP for evolving Pokémon", 
"generic_bonuses", "Special bonuses", 
"gift_open_double", "Open 2x as many Gifts", 
"gift_open_one_and_half", "Open 1.5x as many Gifts", 
"gift_storage_double", "Hold 2x as many Gifts in your Item Bag", 
"gym_bonus", "BONUS", 
"hatch_candy_double", "2x Hatch Candy", 
"hatch_stardust_double", "2x Hatch Stardust", 
"incense_duration_double", "2x Incense duration", 
"incense_effectiveness_double", "2x Incense effectiveness", 
"incense_effectiveness_generic", "Increased Incense effectiveness",
"incense_effectiveness_triple", "3x Incense effectiveness", 
"incense_sale", "Discounted Incense in the shop", 
"incubator_distance_half", "1/2 Hatch Distance", 
"incubator_distance_quarter", "1/4 Hatch Distance", 
"lucky_egg_duration_double", "2x Lucky Egg duration", 
"lure_duration_double", "2x Lure Module duration", 
"lure_duration_three_hours", "3-hour Lure Module duration", 
"pokestop_spin_xp_double", "2x XP for spinning PokéStops", 
"pokestop_spin_xp_ten", "10x XP for spinning PokéStops", 
"raid_stardust_double", "2x Raid Stardust", 
"raid_xp_double", "2x Raid XP", 
"raids_event", "Event-themed Raid Bosses", 
"rocket_component_double", "2x Mysterious Components from Team GO Rocket Grunts", 
"rocket_stardust_double", "2x Stardust from Team GO Rocket battles", 
"star_piece_duration_double", "2x Star Piece duration", 
"trade_special_extra_one", "1 extra Special Trade", 
"trade_stardust_half", "1/2 Stardust cost for trades", 
"trade_stardust_quarter", "1/4 Stardust cost for trades", 
"transfer_candy_double", "2x Transfer Candy", 
"transfer_candy_triple", "3x Transfer Candy",

A lot of text was pushed for the Today tab for events. Interesting to note is the 2x Stardust for Marill, and the Gym bonus “BONUS” … whatever that means.

Text for Upcoming Specific Events

"sis_2020_event_name", "Spring into Spring", 
"sis_pokemon_eggs", "Spring into Spring event Eggs", 
"sis_pokemon_wild", "Spring into Spring event wild Pokémon", 
"spawns_event", "Event-themed wild Pokémon", 
"spotlight_hour_magnemite", "More Magnemite are appearing in the wild",
"spotlight_hour_pidgey", "More Pidgey are appearing in the wild",
"spotlight_hour_purrloin", "More Purrloin are appearing in the wild",
"spotlight_hour_wobbuffet", "More Wobbuffet are appearing in the wild",

Just text to support the upcoming events, all previously announced so nothing earth-shattering.

Conclusions and Speculation

Having some details around remote raiding is promising. Hopefully, the feature gets rolled out soon. Being able to purchase the remote passes in the shop will be nice, but I for one hope they grant us a free one daily like they do the regular raid passes.

There’s a few tidbits about a Marill day coming, so it’ll be interesting to see what’s involved in that and when it is. Azumarill is a beast in Great League, so this could be a good opportunity for trainers to get a good one.

Are you excited for remote raiding? How do you feel about the details that have been uncovered? Let us know! As always, be safe out there trainers!