A list of new XXS & XXL Pokémon, Friend requests from raids, Larvitar & Noibat Community Day Texts, & more!

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Hello Trainers! A bunch of new texts have been pushed to the game, including texts for upcoming January 2023 Community Day Classic: Larvitar and Noibat Community Day: February 2023 events.

Please read through all of this with a grain of salt – we often post data mining reports which end up taking months to release, and we don’t want our readers to be disappointed. Be smart, read this like speculation and be happy once it goes live.

💡 Disclaimer: You know the drill by now, everything in this article is data mined, and therefore subject to change or not even being released at all. All of this information is publicly provided by the PokéMiners and includes some of my commentaries.

New XXS and XXL Pokémon

Size Record in Pokemon GO


As announced more Pokémon can be caught as XXS or XXL.  It appears that they just highlighted the first 40 entries in the national dex and clicked apply… 

It’s interesting that they used Tyranitar in the promotional clip, but the Larvitar evolution line isn’t on this list… 

New Avatar Backpack

+RESOURCE ID: avatar_f_backpack_lunarnewyr_00_bundle_icon
+TEXT: Red Lantern

+RESOURCE ID: avatar_m_backpack_lunarnewyr_00_bundle_icon
+TEXT: Red Lantern

As announced on Twitter, and currently available in-game as part of the Pokémon GO Lunar New Year 2023.

Red Lantern Backpack


Adding friends from Raids?

Pokémon GO Referral Program – Invite your friends to enjoy Pokémon GO and earn rewards together!

+RESOURCE ID: add_friends_niantic_title
+TEXT: Friend in Niantic Games

+RESOURCE ID: raid_friend_requests_from_raid
+TEXT: Sent you a Friend Request from a [0] Raid at [1]!
+RESOURCE ID: raid_friend_requests_modal_message
+TEXT: This feature only applies to In-Person or Nearby Raids. You can change this later in Settings.
+RESOURCE ID: raid_friend_requests_modal_title
+TEXT: Allow Friend Requests from Trainers from Raids?
+RESOURCE ID: raid_friend_requests_number
+TEXT: You got [0] Friend Requests from a Raid!
+RESOURCE ID: raid_friend_requests_turned_on
+TEXT: Allow Friend Requests from Raids turned ON

+RESOURCE ID: settings_raid_friend_requests
+TEXT: Allow Friend Requests from Raids
+RESOURCE ID: settings_raid_friend_requests_tip
+TEXT: Only Applies to In-Person or Nearby Raids
+RESOURCE ID: social_cancel_friend_request
+TEXT: Cancel request

It looks like you’ll be able to get friend requests from trainers that you raid with. It also appears that it will be limited to raids you do in person.

You will be able to toggle this feature off, so other trainers won’t be able to send you friend requests if you don’t want them to.

Lunar New Year Quest Branches

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Pokémon GO’s 2023 Lunar New Year event!

Daily Adventure Incense

+RESOURCE ID: branch_lny_dai_bonus_title_key
+TEXT: Using Daily Adventure Incense

+RESOURCE ID: branch_lny_dai_bonus_button_text_key
+TEXT: Using Daily Adventure Incense

+RESOURCE ID: branch_lny_dai_bonus_description_key
+TEXT: Choosing this wish will grant you an additional 15 minutes of Daily Adventure Incense use during the Lunar New Year event, for a total of 30 minutes. You’ll be challenged with tasks such as catching Pokémon and using Daily Adventure Incense, and you may encounter Pokémon such as Galarian Darumaka!

The Daily Adventure Incense branch will give you an extra 15 minutes on The Daily Adventure Incense.

Hatching Eggs

+RESOURCE ID: branch_lny_egg_bonus_button_text_key
+TEXT: Hatching Eggs
+RESOURCE ID: branch_lny_egg_bonus_description_key
+TEXT: Choosing this wish will grant you 1/2 Egg Hatch Distance when Eggs are placed in an Incubator during the Lunar New Year event. You’ll be challenged with tasks such as catching Pokémon and hatching Eggs, and you may encounter Pokémon such as Galarian Darumaka!
+RESOURCE ID: branch_lny_egg_bonus_title_key
+TEXT: Hatching Eggs

The Egg branch will give you 1/2 Egg hatching distance.

+RESOURCE ID: branch_lny_stardust_bonus_button_text_key
+TEXT: Collecting Stardust
+RESOURCE ID: branch_lny_stardust_bonus_description_key
+TEXT: Choosing this wish will grant you 2× Stardust for catching Pokémon for the duration of the Lunar New Year event. You’ll be challenged with tasks such as catching Pokémon and earning Stardust, and you may encounter Pokémon such as Galarian Darumaka!
+RESOURCE ID: branch_lny_stardust_bonus_title_key
+TEXT: Collecting Stardust

The Stardust branch will give you 2x stardust

Larvitar Community Day Classic

Larvitar Community Day
Larvitar Community Day
+RESOURCE ID: community_day_larvitar_cdc_event_name
+TEXT: Larvitar Community Day Classic

+RESOURCE ID: spawn_larvitar_cdc
+TEXT: More Larvitar are appearing in the wild!

Special Research Ticket

+RESOURCE ID: ticket_larvitar_cdc
+TEXT: Ticket for the Larvitar Community Day Classic Special Research story available in the shop

Smack Down

+RESOURCE ID: bonus_cd_move_larvitar_cdc
+TEXT: Evolve Pupitar (Larvitar’s Evolution) to get a Tyranitar that knows the Fast Attack Smack Down!

Evolve Pupitar to Tyranitar and it’ll learn the move Smack Down

Go Snapshot

+RESOURCE ID: photobomb_five_larvitar_cdc
+TEXT: Five surprise encounters with Larvitar in GO Snapshot

Standard Community Day snapshots

Field Research Tasks

+RESOURCE ID: quest_larvitar_cdc_evolve_b
+TEXT: Evolve {0} Larvitar
+RESOURCE ID: quest_larvitar_cdc_snapshot_b
+TEXT: Take a snapshot of {0} Larvitar

Again, pretty standard.

Special Research – “Larvitar Community Day Classic”

+RESOURCE ID: quest_title_larvitar_cdc
+TEXT: Larvitar Community Day Classic

They got super creative with the name of this one…

Step 1

+RESOURCE ID: quest_title_larvitar_cdc
+TEXT: Larvitar Community Day Classic
+RESOURCE ID: quest_title_larvitar_cdc_0
+TEXT: Larvitar Community Day Classic (1/4)

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_0_0
+TEXT: %PLAYERNAME%! Impeccable timing. I was getting ready to go look for you. There’s something I’d like your help investigating.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_0_1
+TEXT: This morning, Meltan and I were taking a walk along one of our favorite routes when I noticed that a hill we always pass by seemed...smaller than usual.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_0_2
+TEXT: There’s only one possibility—Team GO Rocket’s started LITERALLY moving mountains to get their hands on Pokémon! Those scoundrels!
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_0_3
+TEXT: Well, whatever they’re scheming, I’m sure it’s nothing you can’t nip in the bud. Good luck out there, %PLAYERNAME%!
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_0_4
+TEXT: ... ... ...
+Haha! I’m only pulling your leg. In truth, I suspect a Pokémon is responsible.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_0_5
+TEXT: Take a look around and see if you spot a Pokémon that could be our mountain-moving culprit, would you?

Whenever something seems amiss I always blame Team Go Rocket first too, but I doubt they’ll ever be able to pull off the coordination required to move actual mountains. 

Step 2

+RESOURCE ID: quest_title_larvitar_cdc_0
+TEXT: Larvitar Community Day Classic (2/4)

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_1_0
+TEXT: Welcome back, %PLAYERNAME%!
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_1_1
+TEXT: Judging from the Pokémon with you, it looks like our mountain-mover must be Larvitar!
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_1_2
+TEXT: This intrepid Pokémon is born deep underground.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_1_3
+TEXT: To come up to the surface, it needs to eat its way through the soil above. It can’t see its parents’ faces until it does.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_1_4
+TEXT: That’s hard work for a newborn, but its tough spirit’s something to admire.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_1_5
+TEXT: I’ll bet that spirit endures in its evolved form, Pupitar. Let’s observe one ourselves, %PLAYERNAME%!

It’s Larvitar!  I’m shocked, shocked! ok, not that shocked. This begs the question, do Larvitar that hatch from trainers’ eggs get confused when they aren’t buried deep underground?

Step 3

+RESOURCE ID: quest_title_larvitar_cdc_0
+TEXT: Larvitar Community Day Classic (3/4)

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_2_0
+TEXT: Whoa! I thought I saw something shooting past, %PLAYERNAME%.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_2_1
+TEXT: Maybe it was another of those shooting stars I keep seeing...but maybe it was your Pupitar!
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_2_2
+TEXT: Pupitar can’t wait to evolve, so it relieves its stress by wildly propelling itself around using compressed gas—almost like a rocket!
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_2_3
+TEXT: Plus, its shell is as hard as sheet rock. Its thrashing can topple a mountain, believe it or not!
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_2_4
+TEXT: Some think of Pupitar as a troublesome Pokémon, but I can relate to its desire to grow.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_2_5
+TEXT: I know sometimes I’m in a rush to find all the answers and “evolve” my knowledge. It’s how I’ve gotten into more than one scrape.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_2_6
+TEXT: But even when you’re growing, it’s good to appreciate where you are in life. That goes for you too, %PLAYERNAME%.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_2_7
+TEXT: Next, let’s take a look at the Pokémon Pupitar is so eager to evolve into!

Pupitar’s out here wrecking mountains.

Special Research – Step 4

+RESOURCE ID: quest_title_larvitar_cdc_0
+TEXT: Larvitar Community Day Classic (4/4)

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_3_0
+TEXT: I thought I felt an earthquake, but it was just your Tyranitar walking around, %PLAYERNAME%!
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_3_1
+TEXT: And look how powerful it’s become—from its humble beginnings burrowing up through the earth to making the surface shake with every stomp.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_3_2
+TEXT: In fact, Tyranitar is so overwhelmingly powerful that it can bring down a whole mountain to make its nest.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_3_3
+TEXT: It’s also known to wander about in mountain ranges looking for new opponents to fight.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_3_4
+TEXT: Luckily, Tyranitar will ignore opponents it doesn’t consider worthy. I’m probably safe!
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_3_5
+TEXT: But it does make you wonder how they’re able to gauge an opponent’s strength.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_3_6
+TEXT: Hmm... Maybe you’ll get some insight on that as you travel with Tyranitar.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_3_7
+TEXT: And if you do, be sure to let your favorite professor know! In any case, congratulations on befriending yet another mighty Pokémon.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_larvitar_cdc_3_8
+TEXT: Thanks for an exciting day of research, %PLAYERNAME%. I’ll see you again soon!

“Tyranitar will ignore opponents it doesn’t consider worthy” You can’t convince me Tyranitar isn’t based on Godzilla.

Noibat Community Day

+RESOURCE ID: spawn_noibat 
+TEXT: More Noibat are appearing in the wild!


+RESOURCE ID: bonus_cd_move_noibat
+TEXT: Evolve Noibat to Noivern that know the charged move Boomburst!

As announced, Boomburst. 

After Community Day Raids

+RESOURCE ID: bonus_implicit_social_noibat_raid
+TEXT: If Trainers work together to win a Noibat raid, bonus Noibat spawns will appear around the Gym for 30 minutes

Noibat raids will likely be soloable.

Field Research

+RESOURCE ID: quest_noibat_catch_b
+TEXT: Catch {0} Noibat
+RESOURCE ID: quest_noibat_evolve_b
+TEXT: Evolve {0} Noibat 
+RESOURCE ID: quest_noibat_snapshot_b
+TEXT: Take a Snapshot of {0} Noibat

Typical field research tasks for a community day.

Special Research – Abundant Noise

+RESOURCE ID: quest_title_noibat
+TEXT: Abundant Noise

+RESOURCE ID: ticket_noibat 
+TEXT: Ticket for the Abundant Noise Special Research story available in the shop

The special research will be called Abundant Noise.

Step 1

+RESOURCE ID: quest_title_noibat_0
+TEXT: Abundant Noise (1/4)

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_0_0
+TEXT: Now, where could they have gone off to…
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_0_1
+TEXT: Oh, %PLAYERNAME%! Sorry, I didn’t notice you there. I’ve just misplaced something, but maybe you could help me figure out where it went!
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_0_2
+TEXT: You see, recently, the local Pinap Berries have been particularly abundant. I’ve never seen so many growing at once before! 
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_0_3
+TEXT: It’s like the soil’s been filled with nature’s energy.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_0_4
+TEXT: Of course, I picked a basket to juice and set it down right over there, but I got distracted reading this paper on regional differences in Slowpoke.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_0_5
+TEXT: When I turned around, the whole basket was empty!
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_0_6
+TEXT: Now I have a wonderful excuse to go for a stroll and gather more! But all the same, I’m curious what could’ve run off with them to start with.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_0_7
+TEXT: While I get more Berries, %PLAYERNAME%, can you see what Pokémon in the area might be responsible?

Professor Willow’s berries are missing, I bet it was Team GO Rocket!

Step 2

+RESOURCE ID: quest_title_noibat_1
+TEXT: Abundant Noise (2/4)

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_1_0
+TEXT: Welcome—whoa there— back, %PLAYERNAME%! 
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_1_1
+TEXT: Excuse my sudden wobbling, but I'm guessing you’ve found yourself some Noibat! Their enormous ears can emit ultrasonic waves of 200,000 hertz. 
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_1_2
+TEXT: It's not just me, even a robust wrestler will become dizzy and unable to stand when exposed to Noibat’s ultrasonic waves! 
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_1_3
+TEXT: And wouldn’t you know it, fruits are its favorite foods. That must be why they targeted my Pinap Berries! Well, I’m always more than happy to share with Pokémon.
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_1_4
+TEXT: And as a result of finding our berry bandit, we’ve been presented with the perfect Pokémon to research today. 
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_1_5
+TEXT: See if you can attract more Noibat with Pinap Berries, %PLAYERNAME%!

In a shocking turn of events, it was Noibat that stole Willow’s berries. 

Step 3

+RESOURCE ID: quest_title_noibat_2
+TEXT: Abundant Noise (3/4)

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_2_0
+TEXT: Well done, %PLAYERNAME%! Those Noibat are looking well fed! 
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_2_1
+TEXT: I suppose Noibat and I share an appreciation for Pinap Berries, huh? Noibat’s love of fruit persists even after evolving into Noivern. 
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_2_2
+TEXT: Although Noivern have a violent disposition, if you give them a nice ripe fruit that they love, they will suddenly become tame. 
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_2_3
+TEXT: Since you’ve already given them fruit, how about evolving your Noibat, %PLAYERNAME%? 
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_2_4
+TEXT: With luck, the Pinap Berries you fed them will keep that violent disposition at bay!

It would seem that Noivern have hanger issues.

Step 4

+RESOURCE ID: quest_title_noibat_3
+TEXT: Abundant Noise (4/4)

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_3_0
+TEXT: Excellent work, %PLAYERNAME%! Your Noivern looks like it's in a good mood!
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_3_1
+TEXT: My research says that this Pokémon is often aggressive, and will ruthlessly torment enemies that are helpless in the dark. 
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_3_2
+TEXT: Lucky for us that your Noivern looks quite fond of you! I'm sure you'll have no trouble even if you don't have its favorite foods on hand. 
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_3_3
+TEXT: Thanks for spending the day learning with me. It’s always fun when we find something we have in common with Pokémon, don’t you think? 
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_3_4
+TEXT: Of course, I’m speaking of Noibat and Noivern’s love of berries, not their documented cruel disposition!
+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_noibat_3_5
+TEXT: I hope you’d agree with that, right, %PLAYERNAME%? …Right?

They are apparently also ruthless and mean… 

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