Deino Community Day Texts and Hisuian Pokémon Discovered in Datamine

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Hello Trainers! Niantic has pushed the Deino Community day Texts, including the special research texts, and the categories and descriptions for all of the Hisuian Pokémon and Hisuian variants!!

💡 Disclaimer: You know the drill by now, everything in this article is data mined, and therefore subject to change or not even being released at all. Keep that in mind as we go through his. All of this information is publicly provided by the PokéMiners and includes some of my commentary.

** Spoiler warning **

This article contains the texts that are potentially the entire special research line for Deino Community Day.  If you don’t want that spoiled, click away now!  You’ve been warned!  

Deino Community Day

RESOURCE ID: community_day_deino_event_name
TEXT: Community Day: Deino

Deino Community Day


RESOURCE ID: general1.ticket.2_deino_title
TEXT: Field Notes: Deino

RESOURCE ID: general1.ticket.2_deino_description
TEXT: A ticket to access the Field Notes: Deino Special Research on June 25, 2022, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time, wherever you are. Details can be found in the in-game News.


RESOURCE ID: item_event_ticket_pink_desc
TEXT: A ticket to access Special Research on June 25, 2022, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time, wherever you are.

RESOURCE ID: item_event_ticket_pink_details
TEXT: This ticket will automatically activate to give you access to Special Research on June 25, 2022, wherever you are.

Texts for the ticket, it’s interesting that it’s been pushed as “Field Notes: Deino Special Research” instead of something clever.  This is due to Willow still being missing, and Rhi will be leading us on this adventure.

Bonuses Unlocked!

RESOURCE ID: bonus_not_active
TEXT: Bonus not currently active

RESOURCE ID: bonus_unlocked
TEXT: Bonus unlocked!

RESOURCE ID: bonus_active
TEXT: Bonus currently active!

Texts for the bonuses, and their various states.

Today View Texts

RESOURCE ID: bonus_1/4_hatch_dist_deino
TEXT: 1/4 Hatch Distance

RESOURCE ID: bonus_2x_xl_candy_chance_deino
TEXT: 2× chance to get Deino Candy XL from catching Deino

RESOURCE ID: bonus_cd_move_deino
TEXT: Evolve Zweilous to get a Hydreigon that knows the Charged Attack Brutal Swing

RESOURCE ID: photobomb_five_deino
TEXT: 5 surprise encounters with Deino in GO Snapshot

RESOURCE ID: spawn_deino
TEXT: More Deino are appearing in the wild

RESOURCE ID: ticket_deino
TEXT: Ticket for the Field Notes: Deino Special Research story available in the shop

Texts for the today tab, don’t forget those snapshots!

Catch and Raid Challenges

RESOURCE ID: challenge_available
TEXT: A new challenge is available!

RESOURCE ID: bonus_implicit_social_deino_lure_title
TEXT: Community Day Challenge: Catch

RESOURCE ID: bonus_implicit_social_deino_lure
TEXT: If enough Pokémon are caught with help from a single Lure Module, Zweilous will appear near the Lured PokéStop for 30 minutes.

RESOURCE ID: bonus_implicit_social_deino_raid_title
TEXT: Community Day Challenge: Raid

RESOURCE ID: bonus_implicit_social_deino_raid
TEXT: If Trainers work together to win a Zweilous raid, large numbers of Deino will appear in the area for 30 minutes.

Texts for a catch challenge, the bonus raid challenge, and a note that Zweilous will appear if enough Pokémon are caught near a lure.


RESOURCE ID: quest_deino_catch
TEXT: Catch {0} Deino

RESOURCE ID: quest_deino_evolve_a
TEXT: Evolve {0} Deino

RESOURCE ID: quest_deino_evolve_b
TEXT: Evolve {0} Deino or Zweilous

RESOURCE ID: quest_deino_snap
TEXT: Take {0} snapshots of Deino

RESOURCE ID: quest_power_up_dragon_plural
TEXT: Power up Dragon-type Pokémon {0} times

Tasks for the day

Field Notes: Deino Special Research

Step 1/4

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_deino_0
TEXT: Field Notes: Deino (1/4)

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_0_0
+TEXT: It appears their aggression is primarily fueled by necessity...

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_0_1
+TEXT: Ah! Greetings again, Pokémon Trainer. You have found me mid-observation. An astounding amount of these Pokémon are present today—Deino, is it?

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_0_2
+TEXT: Bereft of sight, their first instinct is to bite. I have experienced this firsthand—but do not fret. The pain was minimal.

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_0_3
+TEXT: This world is replete with unique Pokémon. Though I wish to study them all, today’s focus will be on Deino alone.

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_0_4
+TEXT: May I borrow some moments from you, Pokémon Trainer? I would welcome your expertise in this endeavor.

Rhi will guide us along our adventure and not Willow.

Step 2/4

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_deino_1
TEXT: Field Notes: Deino (2/4)

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_1_0
+TEXT: Thank you for your assistance, Pokémon Trainer.

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_1_1
+TEXT: Deino tackle and bite at their surroundings. Even in darkness, they find novel ways to navigate the world...

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_1_2
+TEXT: ......

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_1_3
+TEXT: Ahem. Do you think the Deino seek anything in particular? Sustenance, perhaps?

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_1_4
+TEXT: I see. It is normal in your world to feed Berries to Pokémon when attempting to catch them. Hmm... Deino may not be able to see, but I wonder how well they can smell and taste.

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_1_5
+TEXT: I wish to investigate the acuity of these senses by seeing how Deino respond to Berries. Will you assist me, Pokémon Trainer?

Step 3/4

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_deino_2
TEXT: Field Notes: Deino (3/4)

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_2_0
+TEXT: How dee, Pokémon Trainer. I have observed you sending Gifts to your friends affixed with charming decorations. Stuckums, is it? No? Ah—stickers. What is the function of these adornments?

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_2_1
+TEXT: I see... So they are primarily decorative, but can also communicate certain sentiments. There seems to be much comradery among the Pokémon Trainers in this world.

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_2_2
+TEXT: Deino may bite and tackle each other, but perhaps what appears aggressive and unfriendly is simply an interaction we do not understand. Putting yourself in the mind of a Pokémon can illuminate new perspectives, do you not think?

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_2_3
+TEXT: Hm? Your Professor Willow would also share his observations of the Pokémon you encountered? I hope you find my musings equally helpful.

+RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_2_4
+TEXT: If I may muse further: I am eager to observe Deino’s Evolution. Its physical changes may inform its behavior.

Step 4/4

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_deino_3
TEXT: Field Notes: Deino (4/4)

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_3_0
TEXT: Astounding. You have shown me yet another wonder of this world, Pokémon Trainer.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_3_1
TEXT: I did not anticipate Deino would gain an additional head when it evolved to Zweilous—though I cannot discern if either head can see.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_3_2
TEXT: The two heads appear quite quarrelsome—particularly regarding food. Ah—be calm! There are Berries for all mouths!

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_3_3
TEXT: Zweilous could learn much from the friendship you and I share. Perhaps it will do so as you travel together.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_3_4
TEXT: I have learned recently that Zweilous can evolve into a Pokémon called Hydreigon. Will it gain yet more heads? Will it trade quarrels for kindness?

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_3_5
TEXT: Thank you for accompanying me in my investigation today, Pokémon Trainer.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_deino_3_6
TEXT: I presumed the mysteries of the Ultra Wormholes and Ultra Beasts would be my primary focus here—but the Pokémon of your world hold many mysteries of their own.

Hisui Region


RESOURCE ID: badge_pokedex_entries_gen8a
TEXT: Register {0} Pokémon first discovered in the Hisui region to the Pokédex.

RESOURCE ID: badge_pokedex_entries_gen8a_singular
TEXT: Register {0} Pokémon first discovered in the Hisui region to the Pokédex.

RESOURCE ID: badge_pokedex_entries_gen8a_title
TEXT: Hisui

RESOURCE ID: badge_pokedex_entries_gen8a_value_format

The badge that the PokéMiners have previously discovered.  Hisuian Pokémon are officially Gen8a.


RESOURCE ID: filter_key_hisui 
TEXT: hisui

Filter for Hisuian Pokémon

Original Hisuian Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_name_0899
TEXT: Wyrdeer

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_name_0900
TEXT: Kleavor

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_name_0901
TEXT: Ursaluna

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_name_0902
TEXT: Basculegion

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_name_0903
TEXT: Sneasler

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_name_0904
TEXT: Overqwil

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_name_0905
TEXT: Enamorus

The Original Hisuian Pokémon have been added.  Kleavor!!

White-Striped Form Basculin

RESOURCE ID: form_white_striped
TEXT: White-Striped Form

The White-Striped form of Basculin

Pokémon Categories and Descriptions


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0058_2792
TEXT: Scout Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0058_2792
TEXT: They patrol their territory in pairs. I believe the igneous rock components in the fur of this species are the result of volcanic activity in its habitat.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0059_2793
TEXT: Legendary Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0059_2793
TEXT: Snaps at its foes with fangs cloaked in blazing flame. Despite its bulk, it deftly feints every which way, leading opponents on a deceptively merry chase as it all but dances around them.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0157_2786
TEXT: Ghost Flame Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0157_2786
TEXT: Said to purify lost, forsaken souls with its flames and guide them to the afterlife. I believe its form has been influenced by the energy of the sacred mountain towering at Hisui’s center.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0211_2788
TEXT: Balloon Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0211_2788
TEXT: Fishers detest this troublesome Pokémon because it sprays poison from its spines, getting it everywhere. A different form of Qwilfish lives in other regions.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0215_2794
TEXT: Sharp Claw Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0215_2794
TEXT: Its sturdy, curved claws are ideal for traversing precipitous cliffs. From the tips of these claws drips a venom that infiltrates the nerves of any prey caught in Sneasel’s grasp.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0503_2787
TEXT: Formidable Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0503_2787
TEXT: Hard of heart and deft of blade, this rare form of Samurott is a product of the Pokémon’s evolution in the region of Hisui. Its turbulent blows crash into foes like ceaseless pounding waves.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0549_2789
TEXT: Spinning Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0549_2789
TEXT: I suspect that its well-developed legs are the result of a life spent on mountains covered in deep snow. The scent it exudes from its flower crown heartens those in proximity.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0570_2796
TEXT: Spiteful Fox Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0570_2796
TEXT: A once-departed soul, returned to life in Hisui. Derives power from resentment, which rises as energy atop its head and takes on the forms of foes. In this way, Zorua vents lingering malice.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0571_2797
TEXT: Baneful Fox Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0571_2797
TEXT: With its disheveled white fur, it looks like an embodiment of death. Heedless of its own safety, Zoroark attacks its nemeses with a bitter energy so intense, it lacerates Zoroark’s own body.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0628_2798
TEXT: Battle Cry Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0628_2798
TEXT: Screaming a bloodcurdling battle cry, this huge and ferocious bird Pokémon goes out on the hunt. It blasts lakes with shock waves, then scoops up any prey that float to the water’s surface.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0705_2790
TEXT: Snail Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0705_2790
TEXT: A creature given to melancholy. I suspect its metallic shell developed as a result of the mucus on its skin reacting with the iron in Hisui’s water.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0706_2791
TEXT: Shell Bunker Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0706_2791
TEXT: Able to freely control the hardness of its metallic shell. It loathes solitude and is extremely clingy—it will fume and run riot if those dearest to it ever leave its side.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0713_2795
TEXT: Iceberg Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0713_2795
TEXT: The armor of ice covering its lower jaw puts steel to shame and can shatter rocks with ease. This Pokémon barrels along steep mountain paths, cleaving through the deep snow.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0724_2785
TEXT: Arrow Quill Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0724_2785
TEXT: The air stored inside the rachises of Decidueye’s feathers insulates the Pokémon against Hisui’s extreme cold. This is firm proof that evolution can be influenced by environment.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0899
TEXT: Big Horn Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0899
TEXT: The black orbs shine with an uncanny light when the Pokémon is erecting invisible barriers. The fur shed from its beard retains heat well and is a highly useful material for winter clothing.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0900
TEXT: Axe Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0900
TEXT: A violent creature that fells towering trees with its crude axes and shields itself with hard stone. If one should chance upon this Pokémon in the wilds, one’s only recourse is to flee.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0901
TEXT: Peat Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0901
TEXT: I believe it was Hisui’s swampy terrain that gave Ursaluna its burly physique and newfound capacity to manipulate peat at will.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0902
TEXT: Big Fish Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0902
TEXT: Clads itself in the souls of comrades that perished before fulfilling their goals of journeying upstream. No other species throughout all Hisui’s rivers is Basculegion’s equal.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0903
TEXT: Free Climb Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0903
TEXT: Because of Sneasler’s virulent poison and daunting physical prowess, no other species could hope to best it on the frozen highlands. Preferring solitude, this species does not form packs.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0904
TEXT: Pin Cluster Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0904
TEXT: Its lancelike spikes and savage temperament have earned it the nickname “sea fiend.” It slurps up poison to nourish itself.


RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0905
TEXT: Love-Hate Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0905
TEXT: When it flies to this land from across the sea, the bitter winter comes to an end. According to legend, this Pokémon’s love gives rise to the budding of fresh life across Hisui.

Text Update – Last Pokéball Used

RESOURCE ID: settings_remember_last_pokeball
Removed TEXT: Remember Last Poké Ball
Added TEXT: Remember Last-Used Poké Ball

RESOURCE ID: settings_remember_last_pokeball_tip
Removed TEXT: The last ball type chosen will show in your next Pokémon encounter.
Added TEXT: The type of Poké Ball you last used will be automatically selected at the beginning of your next Pokémon encounter.

The texts for the last Poké Ball feature were updated from the Last Poké Ball to the Last Poké Ball used instead of just selected.

That’s all for now trainers, stay safe out there!

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