Deoxys and Castform form leaks, filter by shiny confirmed for an upcoming Pokémon GO update

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Three hours ago, a data miner that goes by the name Chrales, shared a very exciting set of information with the interwebs. Chrales is a data mining expert associated with the PogoDev group and, to date, his leaks have always been proven as correct.

According to Chrales’ analysis of today’s Pokémon GO network traffic, the text bundles that Pokémon GO downloads from Niantic’s servers now contain the following information:

  • Names of Castform and Deoxys forms
    • Deoxys: Defense, Attack, Speed and Normal
    • Castform: Normal, Sunny, Rainy, Snowy
  • Hints that a new “shiny” filter key will be available in the upcoming Pokémon GO update, enabling you to filter your Pokémon list to display only shiny Pokémon variants
    • Similar to how you can filter out defending Pokémon by typing “defender”

A few additional text changes will be introduced, including support for displaying “device not supported” errors in various languages and tweaks to the News popup.

You can verify the changes for yourself here: ZeChrales Github repository.

Aside from this, the Game Master was also updated, but only to reflect new clothing item bundles. The new timestamp is Friday, 2 February 2018 01:06:29.708 GMT. 

New clothing items

Unfortunately, there were no changes for Deoxys’ stats, which are set to 1/1/1 and result in 15 Max CP. As soon as this changes, we’ll let you know.

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