Discovering the Verified Level 40 Club: a secret club for the world’s most hardcore players

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It’s not often that we come across a story like this. Hidden in the deep corners of the internet, shared only via reddit posts and occasional tweets, a secret Pokemon GO club exists: the Level 40 Club.

The Level 40 Club is limited exclusively for verified L40 players, but not every L40 can be a part of the club: in addition to reaching L40, you need to pass a “minimum requirements” test on the 40 Entrance Calculator.

If you manage to accumulate 350 points via the Entrance Calculator, you are eligible for membership at the secret Level 40 Club and your verification process can begin:

You have earned enough points to be verified by an admin or mod of the Verified Level 40 Club

The club has a few public activities we were able to gather info on:

  • Monthly leaderboards, showcasing top players from the club and their achievements – from total XP, over medal count to number of caught shiny Pokemon
  • Data collection and research, gauging how various play styles correlate with EXP gain and progression on Level 40
  • Solo Raiding leader board where members can compete in the number of verified solo raid kills
Pre-verification survey for entering the Level 40 Club
Pre-verification survey for entering the Level 40 Club

The details of the Club are still hazy, but we managed to grab a copy of their January leaderboards and their official statement on recruitment:

Applications to the group are now open for high achieving level 40 trainers who have achieved a minimum of 350KP. KP is a unique unit of measurement developed by the Verified TL40 Facebook Club to assess trainer accomplishment as measured by several in game domains. If you have a Facebook account and you wish to apply for entry – you can submit your application and calculate your KP here: Verified TL40 Facebook Club Application FormKP Calculator – click ‘make a copy’.

And here’s the January leaderboard, ordered by KP, the metric used by TL40 Club. The entire leaderboard is available here:

Rank IGN City Country Team Total
1 BrandonTan91 Singapore Singapore Valor 998.7598825
2 FuuBahr Bergen Norway Mystic 997.9744554
3 Yama1989DD* Kinchicho Japan Instinct 995.7140897
4 LeColty Paris France Mystic 995.6343287
5 Xorgg007 Lyon France Mystic 991.7013484
6 HelsinkiTrolli (December 2017) Helsinki Finland Valor 985.5391498
7 HangPJs Portland, Oregon United States Instinct 984.1413329
8 sokotunenokuni* (October 2017) Suginami Japan Instinct 984.0983083
9 kiengiv Toronto, Ontario Canada Instinct 982.9796323
10 Elisamyo (December 2017) Singapore Singapore Valor 981.4322053
11 LandonSworts (October 2017) Buffalo, New York United States Valor 981.2041679
12 Nazario92* Viareggio Italy Mystic 979.2579668
13 cado082* Lausanne Switzerland Mystic 978.7651773
14 Gav5tar* London United Kingdom Valor 977.8876927

We have still much to learn about the Club, but we’ve reached out to Kieng, the group leader with an interview request. Let’s see how that goes.

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