we’ve reached out to Elyland, the developers behind Draconius GO this morning, wondering if they were interested to share some player / download numbers with the public.

To our utter surprise, Elyland was very transparent about the metrics we asked for and quickly shared the following data points:

  • Current downloads (Nov 6): 439,000 across both platforms (iOS and Android)
  • Downloads last Monday (Oct 30): 330,000 across both platforms (iOS and Android)
  • Official launch date: October 16 2017 (22 days ago)
  • General download trend: Stable growth

We did not enquire any deeper, but given the activity on /r/DraconiusGO and the popular Rift Recon Discord channel, it’s hard to realistic to assume that a high percentage of the player base is actively engaged.

These numbers are not surprising, as Elyland has been hard at work to appease the AR gaming community, going even that far as to increase/change spawns and rebalance egg charts according to community wishes.

The following was shared in a support e-mail earlier this week (transcribed version by a redditor, hence the spelling oddities):

“In the nearest future, an increase in the number of objects and creatures is planned. Please, kindly wait till the next updates. Thank you for your help! Best regards, Support team”

Elyland hasn’t shared any news in regards to the possibility of Niantic issuing a copyright claim, nor in regards to the recent app store complaint. Although, Elyland was quick to reassure the public that there is no ground for a copyright claim, a lot of players expressed that they’re still waiting for a formal court/legal response.