Eggs have changed again – multiple species added (includes Gen II starters)!

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it seems that Egg hatches have changed yet again, following the Anniversary event flop. One redditor managed to assemble a fairly decent change list which we’re sharing on the Hub also.

Although there are certainly more Egg changes, this is the most complete list up to date. We are still looking for information on which Pokemon were removed, especially from the 5KM egg group.

Do note that our Egg Hatching chart will also soon be updated, as the information becomes more complete.

Table of Contents

2KM Eggs

  • Pichu now hatches with Ash’s hat
  • Spinarak added

5KM Eggs

  • Pineco added (was 10KM)
  • Gligar added (was 10KM)
  • Mantine added (was 10KM)
  • Teddiursa added
  • Totodile added
  • Chikorita added
  • Cyndaquil added
  • Hoppip added
  • Wooper added
  • Swinub added
  • Snubull added
  • Natu added
  • Marill added

10KM Eggs

  • Porygon added (was 5KM)
  • Chinchou added

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