Rayquaza wins the Legendary Week: new Special Egg event and double XP until March 16


Trainers, the Legendary Week event is now officially over and Groudon and Kyogre have left the raid system.

The ancient Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza has proven victorious and Pokemon that prefer Windy weather will hatch more often from Eggs from March 5 to March 16. In addition, two new perks have been enabled worldwide:

  • Double XP until March 16
  • Raid Bosses that are boosted by Windy weather will be making appearances in Gyms that are hosting a raid battle (also until March 16)

The following Pokemon are more likely to be hatched from March 5 to March 16:

Distance Pokemon Perfect hatch CP
2KM Abra 656
Slowpoke 688
Exeggcute 629
Taillow 366
Swablu 412
Spoink 734
5KM Scyther 1408
Girafarig 1064
Gligar 1004
Smoochum 703
Mantine 1161
Wingull 366
Baltoy 386
Wynaut 287
10KM Aerodactyl 1490
Dratini 491
Skarmory 1161
Ralts 249
Chimecho 1197
Bagon 601
Beldum 482

A few clarifications:

  • Chimecho grants extra Stardust
  • Only Eggs picked up between March 5 and March 16 are eligible for increased hatches. Older eggs are not included
  • You can still hatch other Pokemon

This guide is also available as an infographics:

Egg hatches boosted by Rayquaza’s victory, credits for the infographic go to CoupleOfGaming.

Niantic has also acknowledged that the contents of current box sale will not change until March 11, when the box sale will end. The current box sale is an absolute steal for both casual and hardcore raiders and we strongly suggest you get one before they disappear.

For an in-depth guide on the box sale, you can refer to the following Hub article: Analysis of the New Box Sale: Bang for the Buck!

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