Pokemon GO Winter

Trainers, the month of December is here and so is a new batch of Field Research tasks! A new Spinda form (#6) is available from “Throw a Great Curveball”, Misdreavus can now be shiny and Generation 1 and 2 Legendary Pokemon can be obtained via the weekly Research Breakthrough reward!

Research Breakthrough December 2018
Research Breakthrough December 2018

Field research tasks December 2018

Catch 5 Pokemon with weather boost
Catch 3 Grass, Water or Fire-Type Pokemon
Catch 10 Pokemon
Catch a Dragon type
Make a great curveball throw
Make 3 great throws in a row
Make 3 excellent throws in a row
Make 3 curveball throws in a row
Make 3 great throws
Win a raid
Battle in a gym
Battle in a gym 5 times
Win 3 gym battles
Use a super effective charged attack in 7 gym battles
Win a gym battle
Hatch 3 eggs
Hatch an egg
Hatch 5 eggs
Evolve a Pokemon
Power up Pokemon 5 times
Transfer 10 Pokemon
Trade a Pokemon