The Fifth Nest Migration has just happened!

We’ve observed a big change in nests once again – The Fifth Big Nest migration has just happened. Players have reported observing similar phenomena all across the globe. We are updating this article as new info comes in, so make sure to visit later again.

The Fifth Nest Migration

The migration happened roughly an hour ago, on 19th of October 2016. It is yet unconfirmed if the nests have randomly changed again, or they followed a pattern like the first few times. TheSilphRoad Atlas has been updated with the new migration and it’s been confirmed on reddit.

Important: Most Dratini nests were UNAFFECTED in this migration.

Trainers, go outside to your local nests and collect data once again! Make sure to track your findings in the Nest Atlas as you go.

We’ll be maintaining a table of changes as reports come in.

Before migration After migration Confirmed
Bulbasaur Pikachu Yes
Charmander Vulpix No
Charmander Bulbasaur Yes
Charmander Electabuzz No
Charmander Kraby No
Drowzee Nidoran (F) No
Ekans Omanyte No
Electabuzz Squirtle Yes
Exeggcute Omanyte No
Exeggcute Electabuzz Yes 🙁
Exeggcute Machop Yes
Ghastly Tentacool Yes
Growlithe Magmar Yes
Growlithe Jinx Yes 🙁
Growlithe Psyduck No
Growlithe Jigglypuff Yes
Jinx Sandshrew Yes
Kabuto Electabuzz Yes
Magnemite Omanyte Yes
Nidoran (M) Slowpoke Yes
Onix Bulbasaur Yes
Odish Vulpix Yes
Sandshrew Jinx No
Seel Psyduck No
Squirtle Clefairy Yes
Vulpix Abra Yes

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