First UK Pokémon GO Event Announced: Big Heritage “Chester Heritage Festival”, from 7/22 to 7/23/17

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Niantic has announced their first official UK event in Chester, United Kingdom, with Big Heritage, their European community partners. Big Heritage is a civic non-profit organization  from Chester, focused on improving local communities through technology.

The event is to take place in the historic city of Chester on 22-23rd July, followed by a Pokémon GO Schools programme for schools in Cheshire, Wirral and Liverpool, starting in September 2017.

According to the Heritage’s official Facebook post, the Big Heritage team is “beyond excited” to be working with Niantic and to explore new ways of using Augmented Reality to explore the shared past of Chester:

According to the official press release, the event will be fairly similar to Charlotte PokéWalk event which was held earlier this year in North Carolina:

“Visitors to the city will be able to take part in a number of fun trail activities, with in-game and real-world surprises for Pokémon GO players”

According to Daily Star, a number of Historical Sites will be converted to PokéStops for the purpose of the event:

Historical sites will be turned into PokéStops that players can interact with and Niantic say that Big Heritage will also be working with schools across the Cheshire and Merseyside regions as part of an initiative to encourage young people to explore and learn about their local area by playing Pokémon GO together.

We’re looking for boots on the ground during the event, as it takes place at almost the same time as the Chicago GO Fest. UK readers, it’s your time to shine!

P.S. As no official imagery was provided, we’re using the cover image from one of our earlier news: New Niantic sponsored PokéStops appear in London and New York City.

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