the Game Master configuration file was just updated, bringing a few interesting changes. Stay calm, manage your hype responsibly, but it seems that more Pokémon are on the way!

Firstly, Vibrava’s dodge chance was updated:

dodge_duration_s: 0.5 
dodge_distance: 0.4000000059604645

This comes hand in hand with the recent Loudred Game Master update where Loudred lost Crunch as cinematic move, replaced by Stomp:

- cinematic_moves: CRUNCH
+ cinematic_moves: STOMP

Vibrava is a Ground Dragon type, Loudred is a Normal type Pokémon — there was some speculation that the next wave of Pokémon to be released could heavily feature Ground types, but it’s too early to say anything with certainty.

Scaling changes

Pokémon scaling changes were also spotted in today’s Game Master update, constraining the Pokémon scale in several scenarios:

  • Battle screen
  • General GUI
  • Gym Topper (no more Steelix/Wailord overflowing the neighbourhood?)
  • On the overworld map
  • Natural scale
  • As a Raid Boss
    pokemon_scale_settings {
        pokemon_scale_mode: BattlePokemonScale
        min_height: 0.3100000023841858
        max_height: 4.349999904632568
    pokemon_scale_settings {
        pokemon_scale_mode: GuiScale
        min_height: 0.800000011920929
        max_height: 3.5999999046325684
    pokemon_scale_settings {
        pokemon_scale_mode: GymTopperScale
        min_height: 1.2999999523162842
        max_height: 4.199999809265137
    pokemon_scale_settings {
        pokemon_scale_mode: MapPokemonScale
        min_height: 2.299999952316284
        max_height: 6.0
    pokemon_scale_settings {
        min_height: 0.3100000023841858
        max_height: 4.349999904632568
    pokemon_scale_settings {
        pokemon_scale_mode: RaidBossScale
        min_height: 4.0
        max_height: 8.0

As of the time of this publication, we’re unclear which Pokémon were affected, but it seems that the issue of Kyogre being unreachable / almost unreachable on iPhone X hasn’t been fixed yet.

We’ve already seen traces of the new scaling mechanism in our 0.87.5 data mine, but we haven’t noticed any significant usage of it. Maybe these changes will shed more light on the code added in 0.87.5.

Excerpt from the data mine:

  • A new scaling function has been implemented, called ScaleV2. Pokemon can now scale differently in various scenarios (gym lobby, gym combat, wild, raid, Pokedex). This should make things easier for Pokemon with large models

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