Gen IV info roundup: raids, eggs, regionals and shiny Shinx

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Gen IV is upon us and new information is coming out left and right! Let’s round it all up and see where we’re at after a few hours of game play. Heads up: still no sign of stat rebalance in action, it’s still deactivated, likely until developers fix the missing HP bug.

New Gen IV raids and shiny Shinx

Four new raids have appeared in the Tier 1 difficulty category, featuring a Pokemon that hasn’t been observed in the wild – Shinx! New Gen 4 Tier 1 raids:

Bidoof Buneary
Shinx Kricketot

We don’t think you’ll have any problems defeating these raid bosses, given their difficulty level. As a special feature, a Shinx encountered in raids can be shiny, as reported by a trainer on reddit:

Shiny Shinx in Pokemon GO
Shiny Shinx

Shinx evolves into Luxio, and then into Luxray. You can find more info on Luxray here and we’ll soon have a Luxray review up and running on the Hub.

Potentially new regionals

Three new Pokemon are seemingly very rare or regional:

Chatot Pachirisu Carnivine
  • Chatot – spawns only in South hemisphere (Brazil, Australia, Uruguay, Argentina, South Africa, Chile, Zambia, Paraguay, New Zealand)
  • Pachirisu – spawns only in far north hemisphere, aka the Arctic regional (Saskatchewan, Edmonton, British Colombia, Labrador, Yekaterinburg, Russia)
  • Carnivine – spawns only reported in Southeast US (Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, North and South Carolina) and Bahamas

We’ll keep a close look on these Pokemon, as they could be the key to understanding the region boundaries in Pokemon GO.

Shinx and Riolu hatch from 10 KM eggs

Surprisingly, two new Pokemon have been added to the egg pool:

Shinx Riolu

After the Luxio hatching from 10k eggs error, Shinx was added to the egg pool while Luxio was removed. Riolu evolves into an iconic Pokemon from the anime: Lucario.

The stat re-balance madness

The stat re-balance is stuck half way: Gen IV Pokemon are rebalanced, but Gen 1- 3 are still stuck with old stats. Unsure what to do, we decided to roll back the new stats from our Database website until they are actually updated. Just a heads up, be aware that the stat switch could happen any time today.

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