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GO Scan stops working and FastPokeMap API locks down

GO Scan stops working and FastPokeMap API locks down
ScanGO not working anymore

In an unfortunate turn of events, GO Scan developers have announced that they’re discontinuing the service, mostly due to technical difficulties imposed by Niantic.

GO Scan not working anymore

This comes as no surprise, as a lot of dev teams warned us that the 0.39.1 API is not yet reverse engineered. As the newer updates force the game to update, more and more trackers go dark.

It’s discomforting to see GO Scan end up like this, as their efforts were immense to keep the app up and running. As to technical details, the devs behind GO Scan said all of their IP addresses are banned. They hinted that any use of the old API flags your account as dangerous.

In their last farewell, the team wrote on /r/pokemongodev a note:

“Looks like Niantic has thrown a wrench at us that we can’t (or have no motivation to) get past. It was a fun ride. I just want to say thanks again to the devs in this sub that made our run possible and thanks to all the users that helped identify problems.

Some stats:

  • Downloads: 102,000
  • Total scans made: 8,622,780
  • Most scans in an hour: 29,213
  • Pokemon found: 9,853,110

Take care all, and good luck with your future endeavors :)”

FastPokeMap locks down API access

In other news, the biggest and bulkiest Pokemon GO map is closing down their API access for all third party apps, except for selected ones. This means that a lot of trackers that depend on FPM for data will also stop working.

The author commented on reddit his recent move:

“Ok so a few people were concerned about the recent lockdown on my API.

I never said i didn’t intend to open it to a few apps + personnal projects, i’m just trying to control it. 6 out tof 7 requests were request not through my site. Made the site slow for my users + lost potential revenue to break even.

Anyway, for people using my website, you probably noticed scans were faster the past 24H.”

If you’re using a tracker that broke down recently, make sure to visit FastPokeMap, as it’s likely just scraping data from there.