ho-oh release raid
ho-oh release raid


the GAME_MASTER has been updated, showing Ho-Oh’s base capture rate. As per today’s update, Ho-Oh’s BCR is 2%, putting it in the same capture difficulty as Lugia. Be aware that Lugia was a very difficult catch, so be careful and don’t waste any Premium Balls.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any special tips or any workarounds that can help you catch it easier, it’s simply a difficult capture encounter and that’s it.


A lot of trainers have already managed to catch Ho-Oh by using the ProdigiesNation’s hold and release trick to land an Excellent throw, but you’re probably doing that already. We can also recommend that you use Golden Berries on every throw, there is absolutely no reason not to do it and it increases your chances a lot.

Ho-Oh Catch Chances with various throws and berries

Ho-Oh BCR is 2% as observed in the GAME_MASTER file. The following table shows various throw/berry combos.

Berry Curve Throw type
Normal Nice Great Excellent
No Berry
2.00% 2.30% 3.00% 3.70%
Curve 3.40% 3.91% 5.10% 6.29%
Razz Berry
3.00% 3.45% 4.50% 5.55%
Curve 5.10% 5.87% 6.29% 7.65%
Golden Razz Berry
5.00% 5.75% 7.50% 9.25%
Curve 8.50% 9.78% 12.75% 15.73%

How useful / valuable is Ho-Oh in Pokémon GO?

Although Ho-Oh does have a relatively high Max CP value (3889), it’s a lot less useful than a Mewtwo, as it’s move sets and typing creates an unwanted gap between expectation and reality.

With no Quick Move that benefits from STAB and with double weakness to rock, Ho-Oh is a rather disappointing addition to the Uber tier, continuing the tradition of lackluster fire Ubers.

If you already have a strong Entei, the power difference will hardly be notable, but we still recommend farming Ho-Oh for it’s future rarity and trading value.