The incredible world of Pokémon GO songs

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It’s Friday. Friday is a casual day at the Hub (even though we started the Battledex project today), so we usually browse the interwebs looking for interesting and relaxing stories and news.

Today is no exception as we explored the crazy world of fan made Pokémon GO songs. Honestly, we had very low expectations, but after a few surprisingly strong entries we were quick to reconsider.

The musical world of Pokémon GO is a mish mash of parody, team songs and remixes of popular 2016 tunes. There is deep quality, satire and appreciation for the game to be found here.

We advise our readers to listen to some entries without their kids, as quite a few are what we consider mildly NSFW.

“Small Town Pokémon GO” by AOK

Kicking it off with a really strong entry, “Small Town Pokémon GO” discusses the challenges and problems of playing Pokémon GO in a rural area. Based in an unnamed “small town” the song introduces us to common problems of rural players, their gripe with the game and lack of PokéStops.

The introduction of the players’ only rival (“gas station guy”) made us chuckle and the satirical depiction of Rattata is awesome.

We give this song 9/10 as it’s well written, well played and interesting to listen. It did lose 1 point due to usage of profanity which makes it unsuitable for younger audiences.

Best lines:

Gotta Catch ‘em all
It’s you and me
and 10,000 Pidgey
Oh you’re my best friend ‘Cause I have no other friends RATATTA

Run this City by NerdOut

This song has a lot going for it: strong rap lines, a fat backing track and a really interesting music video. Published in the first weeks after the game was released, Run this City features powerful lyrics and interesting catches.

The production quality is great, there is no profanity and the song is really catchy. We give this song 8/10.

Best lines:

We sing this song
For the Champions
We’re here to show
What we’re made of
So step and fight on
Everybody knows that
We run this city!

Pokémon GO Theme Song Parody by Screen Team

Now this is a curious entry to our list, as it’s NSFW only if you watch the music video that shows a lot of skin. If you ignore the music video, you’re left off with a great song that documents all the initial frustrations and events that took place in Pokémon GO:

  • Server crashes
  • People skipping work to play
  • Weirdly amazing night hunts in local parks
  • etc…

Out of all songs we’ve heard today, this one brought out most of the nostalgia.

We’re giving this song 9/10, as we’re not ready to give 10/10 on terms of the slightly NSFW music video. If you ignore that, this song is amazing.

Best lines:

I wanna play the very best
App that ever was
To swipe them, is my real test
Even if i lose my job.

Pokémon GO Crazy by BeanoToons

“Pokémon GO Crazy” is a long time favourite of ours, mostly due to it’s sharp tune, child friendliness and great lyrics. It’s catchy, interesting and features a great animated music video which has our strong recommendation:

We give this song 10/10, as it’s great to sing along, has a SFW music video and it’s interesting for all generations to listen.

And that’s it! What’s your favourite Pokémon GO song? Share it on Twitter or in the comment section below.

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