Jimmie Pitts, the first in the world trainer to reach Level 39 legitimately, is now just inches away from becoming the best Pokemon Trainer in the world. Or at least the first person in the world to win the grinding game.

Jimmie is an amazing guy from Buffalo, NY and we had the incredible luck to interview him when he hit Level 39. Just to be sure we’ll all at the same page, as there were many accusations on reddit:  Jimmie proved to be a legitimate player, with more than 40 people e-mailing us with confirmations, pictures and stories to prove it.

Two days and 672k XP away from Level 40

Today, Jimmie published an update on Buffalo, NY Pokemon GO group with the announcement that he is two days away from reaching Level 40. As he wrote:

To answer your question, this is how close I am…. 2 more days

We interview Jimmie on September 23rd, just after he hit Level 39. He managed to get 4,327,128 XP since then and is just 672,872 XP shy from Level 40.

If you’re not good with math, that’s more than 350k XP per day. And Jimmie doesn’t even hatch eggs that much!

We suggest you read his entire story in the previous interview, as it’s really cool, but here’s the sentence that stuck with us:

“Well, I have been a hardcore video game player my whole life, grew up playing every video game under the sun. I noticed years back, when I used to playMapleStory, a MMO RPG, that I was particularly good at leveling up quickly and not getting bored with the grind. So, when Pokemon GO came out and I realized that all you really need to do is level up, it was easy for me to do.”

Jimmie Pitts Level 40
Jimmie Pitts Level 40
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