New Lure Modules, Evolution Conditions and Quests Found in the Latest APK

Hello Trainers! Data miners have found new material in the latest Pokémon GO APK (version 0.143.0), and we want to share this information with you! Please be aware that Niantic has NOT confirmed any of the following information! Manage your hype responsibly, as everything in this article should be taken with a grain of salt.

Let’s take a look at the possible new quests, evolution conditions, GO Fest Badges, and the recently leaked Lure Modules that were discovered! In addition to that, some other text has been found, and it could be something exciting!

Potential New Quests

A small set of text has been found; possibly hinting new Research is on its way. These quests appear to be a whole new kind of Research, so it’s nice to see Niantic is taking measures to keep Field Research fresh! Following Quest texts were discovered:

  • win a pvp combat
  • win a npc combat
  • go to some location
  • walk {x} km

It looks like Niantic is trying to encourage Trainers to take on PvP-battles, as well as completing more challenging Research Tasks.

New Lure Modules

As seen in the last leak, new Lure Modules have been found. It seems these Lure Modules now have additional text added to them:


As spoken about in this article, these Lure Modules cause Pokémon from a certain type, or potential biomes, to spawn. They will also cause some Pokémon to evolve, which brings us to the next set of discoveries.

New Evolution Conditions

As hinted in the previous leak, new evolution conditions seem to be on their way to Pokémon GO. Together with the new Lure Module evolution method, a new day/night evolution method is hinted to exist. Additionally, changes were made to the Eevee naming trick, as well as a new trick to evolve Tyrogue. Following texts were found:

  • with lure item
  • only day
  • only night
  • Eevee: new check if naming trick is already used
  • Tyrogue: new trick/choice

New GO Fest Badges

Besides text for a new Badge referring to a ticketed event, a lot of new text referring to GO Fest Badges was found! For now, it looks like every entrance get’s is own unique Badge, which are also altered depending on the date you attend and whether or not you have Early Access or General Admission GO Fest tickets. These are the texts referring to the Badges:

  • Thursday Early Access North
  • Thursday Early Access South
  • Thursday General North
  • Thursday General South
  • Friday Early Access North
  • Friday Early Access South
  • Friday General North
  • Friday General South
  • Saturday Early Access North
  • Saturday Early Access South
  • Saturday General North
  • Saturday General South
  • Sunday Early Access North
  • Sunday Early Access South
  • Sunday General North
  • Sunday General South

If these Badges get implemented, they will become an awesome collector’s items for Trainers that will be attending GO Fest, as you get a unique badge based on where you entered the event!

Other Text Found

Some other text was also found in this leak. The first one is pretty vague, but the second one most certainly has drawn my attention:

  • koala_settings
  • IAmASleepingSnorlax (new encounter on the map)

The first one looks like it might be related to something external, functioning as a code name (like Beluga for Pokémon Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee). The second text line, however, hints at something interesting. Whether you will actually encounter a sleeping Snorlax blocking your way, which can only be awakened by the use of a Pokéflute, remains a mystery. Only time will tell!

Please be aware that Niantic has confirmed NONE of this information. It is also unknown when or if any of the leaked features in this article will be implemented in Pokémon GO. Again, everything stated in this article should be taken with a grain of salt!

Closing Thoughts

What do you think, Trainers? Do you have any theories on how and when these features and Items might be introduced in Pokémon GO? Are you excited about potential new quests? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter!

Enjoy the rest of your adventures!

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I'm a 21 years old Belgian Trainer, proud to be in Team Valor. Pokémon enthusiast, soccer lover and studying to help people.

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