Long Night of the Museums event takes place in Hamburg on May 18th


Trainers from Hamburg, attention! A new mini event is headed your way, titled “Long Night of the Museums” and taking place all over the city of Hamburg. On May 18th, visitors will be able to enjoy double Stardust, 4 hour long Lure modules, visit temporary PokeStops and over 50 museums and Finneon will spawn all across the city!

Long Night of the Museums (Hamburg) info chart
Event Long Night of the Museums
Time + Place May 18th, Hamburg
  • Double Stardust
  • 4 hour long Lure Modules
  • Temporary Pokestops at over 50 museums (list attached below)
Featured Pokemon Finneon

Additionally there will be Ingress activations all over the city. Every portal at a Museum in Hamburg will give additional items, distributed over 4 hacks (20 Resonators, 20 XMP, 20 Power cubes, 4 Rare Heat Sinks, 4 Rare Multihacks, 8 Rare Portal Shields, 4 Very Rare Portal Shields, 4 Softbank Ultralinks, 4 Jarvis, 4 ADA).

We are very excited to see Niantic partner with local organisations in this way, as it we feel like these types of mini, hyper-local events, can be easily organised and provided all across the globe. Hamburg is a huge city, no questions there, but we sincerely hope that smaller cities will get a chance to organise a similar event on their own, especially when it’s tied with culture, history or arts.

We still remember writing about the Pokémon GO Chester Heritage Festival event, the true pioneer of Niantic’s hyper-local events. Chester was an awesome social experiment and it was a success through and through. It’s not hard to imagine a future where local players can become brand promoters and create Pokemon GO tie-ins with their local heritage / culture based events.

Complete list of museums with temporary Pokestops:

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