Massive nation wide event happened in Argentina: “What if We Lure All Argentina?”

Pokémon GO Nidos Argentina
Pokémon GO Nidos Argentina

Submitted by Jorge Staricco of Nidos Pokémon GO Argentina

The last weekend, “Nidos Pokémon Go Argentina” made a national collaborative event in Argentina called “What if we lure all Argentina?” (

On friday we set out to lure different areas of Argentina, so that everyone could make the most of the event, and we did it!

The first day we registered 2500 lures active all over the country between 4PM and 10PM. Each active lure for 6 hours contributed a Pokémon every 3 minutes, that’s 300,000 extra Pokémon nationwide! And each one could be captured by all the trainers that were nearby, in order to get closer to the 3 billion captures goal to unlock farfetch’d worldwide.

Thousands of trainers collaborated with this target, uploading photos in every part of the country ( )

One month ago we managed to gather more than 1500 trainers in Puerto Madero, Argentina for the Trainer Challenge, an event with games related to Pokemon with raffles and prizes for all the participants:

And you, how did you enjoy the event this weekend?

The event was awesome. Many people are with softban because of the amount of Pokémon that we caught during the last week.
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