Shiny Metagross Meteor Mash

Trainers, Metagross lovers and Steel type fans rejoice – Meteor Mash stats were just added to a secretive file that configures Pokemon GO and provides stats for all moves and Pokemon in the game: the fabled Game Master file.

Meteor Mash is a two bar Steel type move that deals 100 damage (up from 90 damage that was hinted by multiple Youtube content creators) and its animation lasts only 2.6 seconds, dealing damage at the last 200 ms of the animation period! In other words, its an amazing move, without a doubt the best Steel charge move for Metagross, and it makes a world of difference in the overall Steel type meta game.

Here’s the raw code that was added to the Game Master file:

template_id: "V0301_MOVE_METEOR_MASH"
move_settings {
  movement_id: METEOR_MASH
  animation_id: 5
  pokemon_type: POKEMON_TYPE_STEEL
  power: 100
  accuracy_chance: 1
  critical_chance: 0.05
  stamina_loss_scalar: 0.065
  trainer_level_min: 1
  trainer_level_max: 100
  vfx_name: "meteor_mash"
  duration_ms: 2600
  damage_window_start_ms: 2300
  damage_window_end_ms: 2500
  energy_delta: -50

How does Meteor Mash compare to existing Metagross moves? Well… it suffices to say that you don’t want Metagross with any other move set! Steel will always be steel, with poor meta game usage and inherent bias towards defensive scenarios, but a Meteor Mash Metagross is actually a viable Steel type with decent damage output.

The following table illustrates DPS difference in Meteor Mash Metagross vs existing move sets:

Meteor Mash Metagross

The raw DPS difference is huge, making Meteor Mash arguably the best Metagross move and improving Metagross’ raw potential DPS output by 25.7% (comparing Bullet Punch with Flash Cannon and Meteor Mash). We are yet to re-run our simulation suite, but we’re confident about the following claims:

  • Meteor Mash Metagross is the best Steel type currently available in the game
  • There is no reason to have any other move set on Metagross, regardless of its role (defense, offense, speculative PvP)
  • You absolutely can’t miss out on Beldum Community Day, as you are loosing around 25% of potential DPS on your Metagross
  • To counter the points above, be aware that Steel is only super effective against Fairy, Ice and Rock, which all can be countered by a wide selection of existing Pokemon

A redditor by the name of TesMath created a handy chart that compares Meteor Mash to previously introduced CD moves, hinting that we have seen a similar move to Meteor Mash in the past:

Move Power Duration DPS Energy Delta Damage start window
Meteor Mash 100 2.6s 38.4615 -50 (2 bars) 2300 ms
Last Resort 90 2.9s 31.0345 -50 (2 bars) 2700 ms
Hydro Cannon 90 1.9s 47.3684 -50 (2 bars) 500 ms
Frenzy Plant 100 2.6s 38.4615 -50 (2 bars) 2145 ms

Conclusions? A shiny Meteor Mash Metagross is an amazing catch that makes hunting for a good Beldum on this Sunday’s CD completely worth it. Like we said earlier, we’re yet to run a full simulation suite, but things are looking amazing for Metagross. It finally got a move set that makes it worth powering up.