The Mewtwo event concept that blew our mind

Mew Two Pokemon GO Comment
Mew Two Pokemon GO Comment

Meet Albert Choi, a Pokemon GO fan that creates ideas and redesigns of various GO elements, such as Gen II, Mewtwo event, Ho-Oh hunt and similar. A few weeks ago, Albert blew everyone away with his Generation II Pokemon GO Redesign concept and now he’s back with another masterpiece.

His newest creation is simply named “Mewtwo Event Concept” and features a fully fleshed out MewTwo hunting idea, consisting of team based activity and farming, PokeStop interaction and time based events.

Before we dive in to the actual screens, remember that these are fictional UI screens and not affiliated with Niantic in any way or form. But… if you ask us, they should be looking at Choi’s work closely, as it’s really magnificently exciting!

Working for the man

Choi’s envisioning of the event starts of rather simple. Prof. Willow asks you to help him with researching a curious anomaly that occurs near PokeStops – unknown fossils and DNA splices are appearing near them.

Unknown DNA: The DNA is not registered in any of Professor Willow’s research and in any archives. He knows that they exist and it is up to the Trainers to search and retrieve these rare items!

Unknown Fossil: The unknown fossil may not be of Mewtwo’s but the origins are a mystery. These fossils may help replicate the creation of Mewtwo!

Players are enrolled in a group based quest to collect a fixed amount of both items and deliver it to a PokeStop, creating a collaborative real life quest for every Trainer in an area.

As per Choi, the Professor will require 250 of each item to start his research on the unknown DNA. In our opinion, this number is too low, but the concept is very interesting as you collect items, work with the Professor and other players to push a common goal.

After you procure the required amount of items, Professor Willow will unleash the result of his experiment – a powerful Mewtwo that can be captured by anyone who contributed in the research process.

We were afraid that someone could miss the event, but as Albert wrote:

Note that Mewtwo will only be available for 30 minutes, however for those Trainers that transfer 5 of each item to Willow and miss the opportunity, Mewtwo will be available at the PokeStop for you, unless another spawn occurs afterwards. Also, I don’t know where these PokéStops will be located but we will make sure it is the most strategic places!

We must admit, we’re huge fans of Albert’s work and this newest installment of his Pokemon GO ideas blew us away just as the previous one. We are not sure if anyone from Niantic is looking at his work, but we hope they are.

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